A Woman Tries To Freshen the Air Around a Stinky Co-Worker – Gets Fired


A bizarre lawsuit out of Indianapolis revolves around life at the office and body odor. As IndyStar reports, the mess began when workers in the city’s magistrate court complained about a co-worker’s chronic body odor. That prompted Amber Bridges, as part of her role as lead staff, to place air fresheners around the office. Soon, others did the same, and the co-worker with the body-odor problem eventually complained to human resources. Bridges then got fired, the explanation being that she had created a hostile work environment.


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  1. So, smelling like a rhino’s ass isn’t creating an offensive work environment, but trying to do something to make sure you and you coworkers don’t have to spend all day gagging is?

    Fuck the cow-worker who smells like ass, and fuck the HR cunts who, as usual, took the wrong fucking side in the entire conflict.

  2. Now THIS is going to be fun to watch! The terminated co-worker is suing the city, “arguing that her firing violates the American With Disabilities Act. The lawsuit makes a two-part argument: the co-worker’s body odor is a protected disability, and, thus, Bridges cannot be fired because of her association with the co-worker.” What a GREAT twist!

  3. Some people just naturally stink. Some kind of weird body chemistry I guess.

    Had a guy on my submarine crew who you never wanted to talk to up close without a blower behind you blowing a lot of air toward him.

    Got so bad during one patrol several of us cornered him and tactfully suggested he start taking more showers and washing his jumpsuit more often.

    He got pretty PO’d and told us where we could shove our recommendations. After claiming his hygiene habits were good. And he was telling the truth. We monitored him for a couple of weeks. He took a shower, washed his clothes, and bunk sheets as often as everyone else. The guy just naturally reeked. We learned to hold our breath when squeezing past him in the passageways.

  4. Yeah, not enough information. Is the co-worker “spot” indian? Have a medical condition? Step in shit? Did anyone in the office approach this stinker or did they “passively aggressively” put out the air fresheners. I for one cannot stand the smell of most air fresheners nor perfume. I have had co-workers that wore so much that it was breathtaking (not in a good way).

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. There’s a bright side to this. In the summer that workers bound to keep the flies off the rest of the workers.

  6. “Be home in six weeks – quit bathing.”
    (letter from Bonaparte to Josephine or Desiree or whoever he was boffing)

    I can’t understand why the bulk of the employees don’t file “a hostile work environment” claim against the stinker, HR, and whoever fired the woman.
    Why are we so willing to be “offended” at the risk of “offending” someone who is “offensive?” We do this with illegal-alien-invading-rat-people, faggots, “transgenders,” izlamic-savages, perverts, lying politicians, lying “news” maggots, bicyclists, joggers, vegans, vegetarians, retards, socialists, and a host of others – much to our destruction (I don’t like that phrase but can’t come up with another, at the moment). Our passivity in the face of a combined, coordinated assault on our culture, our country, our religion, and our Liberties is astounding … utterly astounding.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. A little Vick’s Vapo-Rub under the nose helps with dead bodies; I imagine it would help with those who smell like one…

  8. Lacquered helmets of hair which only get washed once a month, and Indian food body odor. Eliminate those, and you’re 90% done.

  9. ‘the co-worker’s body odor is a protected disability’ – what if it is strictly a hygiene issue. So now poor hygiene is protected? Hmmm who does that protect?! Just thinking of all the middle eastern cab drivers etc. Islam, other cultures etc. I was in France on vacation in 2002 and they had a pamphlet in our little boutique hotel that Americans tend to shower every day. Don’t be alarmed it is part of their culture. Yet another way we will be forced to accept further cultural diversity and just disgusting habits of low lifes.

  10. There’s nasty ass people out there. I donated 2 bags full of bar soap, Dove, Irish Spring, to the Xmas stocking barrel at our local bank. What prompted me to do this, I was in WalMart and I could smell a stench, the stench of unwashed hair. Sure enough I came around the corner and there it was. I almost lost my lunch right there. My eyes were watering and I could barely keep my stomach down. The person with the body odor should have been the one to be shown the door.

  11. My sister risks asthma attacks next to co-workers who reapply (cheap) perfume, right after their smoke breaks. Smoking killed their sense of smell, so they over-perfume.

  12. I worked with a Paki that stank. When he was confronted, poor guy actually cried. He did stink, though. Make a buzzard lose his appetite.

  13. I have a co-worker whose desk is in the vestibule outside my office. His lack of personal hygiene creates a body odor with an eye-watering stench. I’ve tried to raise the issue with upper management but they blow it off.

    I’m thinking of buying a bar of Irish Spring soap and putting it on his desk as a not-so-subtle hint but knowing this guy, he’ll raise a stink and cry “Raciss!”

    Anyone have any suggestions that won’t get me fired?


    🔶 Put up fliers around campus –ANONYMOUSLY–. You see how it makes liberals nuts? They can’t harass, fire, or expel heretics.

    🔶 Keep a copy of the anonymous complaints to HR. Emails, letters etc. Inform the company that you have taken steps to resolve the issue, and if they don’t, a lawyer will have cause to label THEM as creating a hostile work environment.

    🔶 Email the employee –ANONYMOUSLY– that they need to do a better job with hygiene. You can even get a company online to send uncomfortable letters of explanation on your behalf (yeah, it’s a thing).

    🔶 Notify the higher-ups –ANONYMOUSLY–that H.R. has been informed and are not doing their job, and as a result a lawyer has been placed on retainer if needed for a class-action lawsuit because of a hostile nasal work environment.

    🔶 Like FIRED college professors who didn’t learn their lesson, people have to protect their true thoughts and feelings to be in the opposition. Throw the ball in their court as THEY being in violation of the law and threaten them with bad press and lawsuits if they don’t get off their lazy ass and do their job. –ANONYMOUSLY.–


    I was in Europe traveling around on a hot sweaty day… and one little mart had Euro women who didn’t believe in shaving or deodorant.
    I asked a question to the one girl stocking shelves, and she stood up (in a tank-top, no bra) lifted her arm to point in the direction, and I swear to God in Heaven, she must have been keeping her garlic, onion, & shit sandwich warm under her wet armpit all day because THAT was something you never want to smell twice……and I lived on a farm!

  16. Gen’l Lovell,
    Put about 4 bars of soap in a pillowcase.

    And use it to beat the mortal shit outta him!
    He may get the message.

    (just kidding, of course)

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. don’t recall hygiene in the workplace was such a problem until my ‘career path’ led me to a job at the company’s main office, where I encountered multiple eye-watering, nose-pinching, mouth-gagging experiences on the elevator w/ ‘ethnic’ ‘ladies’ that obviously assumed over-perfuming & lacquered hair spray would compensate for taking a phucking daily shower!


    A not-so-subtle reference to 🔴 women from INDIA 🔴 I’m going to go ahead and rightfully assume.

    ⚫ Their clothes are soaked with CURRY at such a level, it may as well be MACE.
    ⚫ They can just go ahead and put a batter-operated mini-fan under each armpit and just blow it around in everyone’s face. At least the smell is somewhat dissipated.
    ⚫ Their breath is warm wet curry.
    ⚫ Their sandaled feet.
    ⚫ And other smells from……wherever…..

    The Russian President was riding around in a limo with the President of India in and around Moscow.
    R. President says, “I’ve been to India. It’s filthy. People and animals just use everywhere as a toilet!”
    I. President, obviously annoyed and angry says nothing. A little while later he points to a man taking a dump on the sidewalk and says, “Oh, well look over there! What’s all that about India now?
    R. President, “Driver! I order you to stop and shoot that man right now!”
    Driver gets out, pulls his revolver, talks to the man for a second or two, then gets back in and sits down.
    R.President, “Hey! I thought I just told you to go out and shoot that man!?”
    Driver turns around and says, “Sir I cannot shoot that man.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because he is the Ambassador from India.”

    Bada Ching!

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