Bill Clinton: I Never Felt Sorrier For Anybody Than Melania Trump Because She’s Married To A Man Who Abuses Women

Oh, yes he did!  He actually said this! I would have gotten this posted quicker but I had to stop my laughter first in order to focus.
Have mercy.

“Yesterday I never felt so bad for anybody in my life as I did for his wife (Melania Trump) going out giving a speech saying oh, cyber bullying was a terrible thing. I thought, yeah, especially if it’s done at 3:00 in the morning against the former Miss Universe by a guy running for President.”

I think Bill maybe just blocks his crimes out and that’s how he gets through his day. So he really believes he’s a good guy while Trump is an evil abuser of women for sending a tweet critical of Miss Universe, a known murderer and Mexican drug lord moll.

-Watch the video  HERE and note the CNN panel’s reaction to it.

21 Comments on Bill Clinton: I Never Felt Sorrier For Anybody Than Melania Trump Because She’s Married To A Man Who Abuses Women

  1. OH, HELL NAW.
    Yeah yeah, well considering what’s coming out about you, Billy Boi, about you raping children and what is already COMMON knowledge about your abuse of women, yeah, that’s RICH.
    What you reap, you SOW.

  2. Bubba has officially jumped the shark.

    The entire Clinton family is corrupt and dishonest to the foundation…pun intended

  3. Nobody will ever feel sorry for the evil bitch that evil bastard is married to. Hope she gives the degenerate another black eye. And then he shoots the bitch. What a happy day that would be.

  4. I feel a very small smidgen of sorry for Blow Job because he is married to a quasi-woman who hates and abuses men!

  5. Mseeedia spin: Clinton double ‘suicide’ – Nov 9th
    (“They wanted be together in the end.”)

    Truth: Clinton double murder – Nov 9th

  6. Well it all depends on what your definition of “is” is. Is “abuse” treating a woman with respect, or rapin’ the shit out of ’em like back in Arkansas?

  7. Bill, you mad cause your days are numbered no matter what happens?
    If she wins you’re a liability
    If she loses, its your fault.
    I heard the best method for old guys is the pillow.
    That sucks, because when you go to sleep; there’s one, like right there.

  8. Billy Jeff. Shaddup you arky hillbilly. The persons YOU have paid to have killed should get you three hangings consecutively. Unfortunately you won’t survive the first one so how about we hang you, decapitate you, then torch you. You have had kids, young boys killed who witnessed your cocaine dumps in Mena, Ark. you have had college friends killed who witnessed your debauchery and fondness for cocaine. You and your lovely bride Godzilla have had people killed who knew too much of your inner circle workings, even up to a few weeks ago. MURDERERS!!!

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