Black Privilege

This is what happens when someone requests that you not smoke marijuana on the train.

26 Comments on Black Privilege

  1. Like a pack of hyena’s. This predatory behavior is acted out daily on the African savanna. These days one need not travel so far on safari.

  2. feral pack animals. like hyena’s or wild dogs of Africa. it’s what they know !

    not a cheetah or leopard in the bunch.

    how come the dude with the pants falling off is with the half dressed female ? is that some kind of dress code or more black privilege ?

    this will only stop after a few of them get “Bernard Goetz’d” ! remember him ? he didn’t take it lying down.

    none of us should either.

  3. “Teens” – plural noun. Definition:

    1. Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica peacefully having a soda at The Chocklit Shoppe.

    2. Violent, feral, savage, imbecile potheads brutally beating a man senseless on the train.

  4. The only word these kids are able to spell is EBT. In a year or two, these “teens” will be reproducing. We haven’t seen anything yet.

  5. That’s what’s so wonderful about my state and it’s concealed carry and stand your ground laws. My friends Berretta and Ruger would’ve made short work of those cowardly bastards.

  6. It has nothing to do with DemSoc racial division, massive race agitation, or DemSoc takeover of Dallas that built “rapid transit” from infested, nigger quarantine zones into the heart of the city.

    That’s just hate talk.

  7. BMan, in a year or two? Probably had the gov’t paid babysitter watching their kids at home in the Section 8 housing project, so they could get out for a little ‘socialization’.

  8. Know why the media in the US won’t show these crimes? Because the Left is hoping blacks will cancel themselves out, right after they go vote democrat. That’s why they look the other way.
    But the rest of us know what’s up. Especially the law abiding Black people.

  9. BTW, marijuana doesn’t calm everyone down. It can trigger some to violence. It isn’t your grandpa’s marijuana anymore.


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