Comey Teaching a Course in Ethical Leadership is Like _____________

Comey will begin teaching a course in “ethical leadership” at Virginia’s William and Mary.

This is like Ted Kennedy teaching a course in ethical driving.

This is like Debbie Wasserman Schultz teaching at a beautician school.

This is like Cher teaching grammar.

This is like Obama teaching a course about the constitution…. oh…

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51 Comments on Comey Teaching a Course in Ethical Leadership is Like _____________

  1. Like someone who pays all the taxes to government and getting nothing in return caring about a government shutdown.

  2. Like Sheila Jackson Lee also teaching a course about the Constitution, although she looks like she was around 400 years ago.

  3. Like Paul Krugmuffin being a Nobel Laureate in Economics

    Hillary Clinton teaching a cookie baking class

    Gloria Steinem being Women’s Rights Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

    Chuck Schumer teaching a class on weasel farming… wait, never mind

    Nancy Pelosi teaching a class on running a vineyard with cheap Mexican labor… DOH! Did it again

    Professor Obama teaching a course in Economic Growth

    President Trump (yes, your President too) teaching a course on how to MAGA! Alright, 3 strikes, I’m out!

  4. Like Schmucky Schumer teaching people how to win friends and influence people…and to speak in a pleasant voice.

  5. Like Obama teaching a course in humility.
    Like Shumer doing the same.
    Like Mitch Obama giving fashion advice.
    Like Nancy Pelosi teaching a course in cogent thought.

  6. Like Hillary Clinton teaching State Department officials how to fake sincerity at a funeral for people, you let get murdered!

  7. I’ve worked 45 years full time at the same crap job from coast to coast. Oh…I’ve had many employers but the job has been the same…..supporting ingrate,deadbeat, demoncrat mutherfuckers with my hard earned tax dollars.

  8. Nancy Piglosi saying “A cup full of, you know, doggie doo, uh, uh ah, …with a uhhh cherry on top, and calling it uhh chocolate sundae.” Hey why not? Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine are University professors. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. James comey will not be teaching for long . He be sitting in jail teaching the prisoners soon. He better get a lawyer because is number is coming soon.

  10. I heard this on the radio whilst driving to meet a friend yesterday and nearly wrecked, I laughed so hard.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. Like McConnell the Turtle hosting a leadership seminar!
    Paul Ryan lecturing children on the importance of good character.

  12. I can understand Comey needing a pay check. He was fired. He’s a hustler who conned his way into a job he’s unfit to hold
    More import is – who is the dumb ass that hired him for the job? You can bet it’s not their first stupid hire nor their last.

  13. It would be like Hillary Clinton teaching a class on proper handling and safeguarding of classified information.

    Hillary’s next class would be teaching a class on government ethics and how to avoid favoritism, nepotism, and bribery while keeping the public trust and maintaining your oath of office.

    The next class would be how t6o swallow and keep down the load of BS being taught in the two earlier classes, and how to enjoy the taste of Big Gov corruption while you chew – taught by the Rino’s who look down upon the despicable Trump and his supporters because he isn’t one of the approved political royalty.

    GHHH, gag me with a jackhammer –

    My greatest desire is to see everyone of those who have corrupted and abused the federal agencies and used them as personal weapons against their political opponents be brought to justice, shamed, and then frog marched to jail never to be seen from or heard from again (except for their cries or pain and suffering and gnashing of teeth).

    My next greatest desire is that every single one of those elected or appointed officials who knew of or who should have known of these crimes against our nation and failed to about these traitors from the highest mountaintop, be shamed and fired and barred from EVER having any government job, security clearance, or elected position for the rest of their lives.

    MSG Grumpy


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