Some People Just Can’t Take A Joke

April 28, 2017 Dr. Tar 25

A pair of fake workout experts managed to get themselves on a number of morning news shows recently. Now “Chop” and “Steele” are facing a lawsuit from one of the stations they pranked. Watch More on the lawsuit Here

2 teachers 1 student

April 28, 2017 MJA 8

Click Orlando: Chad Michael Coy, 27, and Ryan Stewart Kirkpatrick, 22, were recently arrested after a months-long investigation. Coy, whom the girl also described as her lacrosse coach, was arrested Wednesday night on charges of unlawful sexual activity with minors and sexual offenses against students [Read More]

Florida: A neighborhood covered in poop

April 28, 2017 MJA 17

Miami Herald: Beneath the oak canopy, residents who lived for decades in a cozy, peaceful, jasmine-scented corner of north Coconut Grove walked dogs, tended gardens, exchanged recipes and followed the love-thy-neighbor commandment. Then the peacocks moved in. And multiplied.

Myth Busts

April 28, 2017 BFH 34

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage tweets out that “gender is a spectrum,” aligning himself with activists who claim there are countless genders. Adam Savage‏Verified account @donttrythis Also, listen up: gender is a spectrum. The closer you look at ANYTHING the blurrier the lines get. INCLUDING GENDER. LIFE is [Read More]

Trouble brewing for Bernie Sanders’ wife?

April 28, 2017 MJA 13

VTDigger: […] The chair of the Burlington College board of trustees said Thursday that the FBI investigation has been going for more than a year, and at least one former school employee was subpoenaed as part of the probe. In January 2016, after reporting by [Read More]

Heineken Ad Said To Be Answer To Failed Pepsi Ad

April 28, 2017 BFH 55

Pepsi’s ad infuriated #BLM because… because #BLM is perpetually infuriated. They say it trivialized their important concerns, implying that a Pepsi could be a bridge to communication. Hailed as a complete failure, Heineken is now being praised for “doing it right,” because as we all [Read More]

Not Building the Wall IS a Government Shutdown

April 28, 2017 MJA 2

AnnCoulter: Fake News’ question of the week: Will Trump risk a government shutdown over the wall? The media flip back and forth on who’s to blame for a government shutdown depending on which branch is controlled by Republicans. But the “shutdown” hypothetical in this case [Read More]

Dr. Phil speaks out- About free speech

April 28, 2017 MJA 7 The famed Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on Fox and Friends early this morning to talk about the outburst of violence from those on the left. Particularly, Dr. Phil has been troubled by the attempts of America’s young people to shut down the speech of [Read More]

Hillary Aides Threatened Prime Minister’s Son With IRS Audit

April 28, 2017 MJA 4

Daily Caller: Hillary Clinton’s Department of State aides allegedly threatened a South Asian prime minister’s son with an IRS audit in an attempt to stop a Bangladesh government investigation of a close friend and donor of Clinton’s, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group learned. A Bangladesh government [Read More]

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