Wally the Mechanical Wizard

A guy in Michigan tests his theories about how Stonehenge might have been engineered.

Fascinating feats of engineering using nothing but sticks and stones.

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  1. This is a guy who clearly put some deep thought into what he was doing while he was working for a living. He probably didn’t go to engineering school and can’t solve a quadratic equation, but most people that went to college and who could solve a quadratic equation probably couldn’t visualize in real life how to do what Wally just did.

    What he showed is real intelligence – not education in the traditional sense

  2. I first saw this several years ago and agree it’s fascinating. I’ve used a similar technique occasionally. For example, lifting a water heater into a raised closet then into a “smithy pan” by raising it over the soft aluminum sides without crushing them. This would be a very difficult task for one man of ordinary strength but is straightforward using fulcrums.

  3. I love it when you post these kinds of stories…it’s a nice break to help take my mind off all the political bullshit in this world.

  4. Brilliant. American pioneer loggers also used similar systems for moving massive tree trunks in the days before mechanization.

    I love posts like this. Thanks, Fur.

  5. So many eggheads don’t understand how ancient man created these types of precision buildings without anti-gravity movers, laser guided cutting tools, and whatever else they needed that they didn’t have during their time. Therefore, “aliens created them”.

    How about the notion that we had some pretty smart people back then? “Oh, no; that can’t be. We evolved from apes, so we are getting smarter, not the reverse!”

    Well, how about this – man was created in God’s image as perfect. Don’t you think that possibly meant that we used to be pretty smart? What happened after the fall (when Adam and Eve ate the fruit to be gods themselves) caused man to live apart from God and death was introduced. Death came slowly, as man lived close to 900 years at first. Now we are around 120 years max.

    Also, death wasn’t just man’s body. Death came to all life on Earth. That includes the mind. Intelligence.

    We didn’t need no stinkin’ aliens!

  6. I admire this guy. I just hope they don’t find him underneath one of his stones someday, squished like a bug.

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