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Anatomy of a Hunter Biden business deal involving Ukraine (It’s not Burisma!)

Just The News: In his new memoir, Hunter Biden declares there is a simple explanation for a life filled with addiction to drugs and alcohol. “I have the capacity and tenacity to use to excess, and a single-minded unwillingness to quit,” he writes. “That makes addiction easy, rather than hard.”

Unraveling his extensive deals with foreign characters — some with controversial histories — while his father was in government, however, is a more complex story.

And no other anecdote illustrates that better than Hunter Biden’s brief engagement with a fugitive Ukrainian oligarch’s team in 2015, one that began with discussions about lobbying his father’s administration to make an indictment go away and ended with a separate $3 million deal and a handsome $275,000 transfer into a firm that routinely paid the younger Biden.

Following the money is a dizzying exercise, with multiple business firms and bank accounts and a discussion about one deal that ends with payment for another business opportunity. 

The tale begins in April 2015, when Hunter Biden got an email from his business partner — the now-convicted felon Devon Archer — about a plan to assist the oligarch Dmitri Firtash, a Ukrainian who was under U.S. indictment by the Obama-Biden administration, and at the time, a fugitive. read more

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  1. The current situation developing in the Ukraine is quite likely going to show Biden up for what he is and who he represents.

  2. I might buy the explanation, if maybe the individuals involved were actual businessmen, instead of internationally wanted fugitives.

  3. Grunter: A completely worthless human being devoid of morals, scruples and standards who can’t hold a job in the private sector… not at all unlike the Federal Tit-Sucking Jackass that sired him! Even the military horked up Hunter like a bad hairball! The whole, entire family is a bunch of crooks, liars and thieves who don’t have the desire or wherewithall to earn an honest living! Somehow I can see why Jackass Joe sez “Caucasians like me should become the minority” cuz deep down even he knows that he is nothing but Elite White Trash!

  4. How ridiculous is it that people believe this fool? His description or ‘view’ of his vice(one of them) is delusional at best. He makes it sound like a virtue. Only a narcissist elitist could describe an all consuming drug addiction as a positive! Like his awesome character worked against him in this case!


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