Another Honest Liberal Debunks Gun Control Narrative


Over the years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find intellectuals on the left who are willing to risk opprobrium from their ideological peers by acknowledging that gun control doesn’t make sense.

  • In 2012, I shared some important observations from Jeffrey Goldberg, a left-leaning writer for The Atlantic. In his column, he basically admitted his side was wrong about gun control.
  • Then, in 2013, I wrote about a column by Justin Cronin in the New York Times. He self-identified as a liberal, but explained how real-world events have led him to become a supporter of private gun ownership.
  • Most recently, in 2015, I shared a column by Jamelle Bouie in Slate. Bouie addresses the left’s fixation on trying to ban so-called assault weapons and explains that such policies are meaningless.

Now we have another addition to the list.

In a must-read column in the Washington Post, Leah Libresco admits that the research shows that gun control simply doesn’t work. She starts by openly confessing her bias.  READ MORE

7 Comments on Another Honest Liberal Debunks Gun Control Narrative

  1. I read some comments on FB that basically said you are sick if you believe that you need guns to protect yourself from your government should it become tyrannical.

    Funny, I wonder how many people who made those comments support the NFL players who take a knee because they believe that police, who are agents of the government, just go around murdering black people.

  2. Many people who are afraid of guns have never been properly trained with gun safety. That is their loss.

  3. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.
    The only thing more gun laws are going to do is stop the good guys with guns!
    Criminals will always find a way to break the laws!
    It’s just that simple!

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