Trump’s DACA Deal

The president had a sit down with members of congress from both parties and both houses to discuss immigration. In front of the cameras, Donald Trump seemed very agreeable to just about any proposal congress can come with stating a willingness to do DACA now and immigration reform later.

After the open door meeting, WH spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders made clear that there were four key aspects to immigration that the president wanted addressed in any reform bill: border security, chain migration, the visa lottery, and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy.  More


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  1. The Dems are scared he’s going to roll them like they’ve been rolling their Republican counterparts in Congress for decades, getting what they want up front and never delivering what they promised in return in the future.

  2. Trump: “As I made very clear today, our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border, which must be part of any DACA approval.”

    And he did. Then the despicable Dianne Fucking Feinstein began grandstanding to separate DACA, presumably because she would have to give up the border wall as a compromise. Gawd I hate that rancid old hag.

  3. Remember, the Democrats rolled Ronald Reagan on immigration amnesty: promising stricter border controls in exchange for amnesty. The border controls didn’t happen. Since then, the whole immigration system has completely fallen apart, and the Democrat Party knows that they need the Hispanic votes to keep in power. Trump can’t hand this off to the Rhinos and the Democrats. There are at least twenty million illegal aliens roosting in our country. If Trump doesn’t hold fast on this, we are going to be the United States of Northern Mexico in another forty years. I think he’s going to roll the Rhinos and the Democrats on this one.

  4. It’s all bull shit!…..there are 50 million illegal aliens that need to go back…..anything less is just political masturbation…

  5. amazing to me that so many ‘conservative’ pundits, from Limbaugh, Coulter, Dobbs & Carlson are saying that Trump is ready to sell out … they still don’t understand Trump is dealing …. he gave up nothing & found where the opposition (including those that are supposed to be on his/our side) will compromise
    I have more faith in Trump than those 545 suck-asses

    … & that rat-bastard Graham was so excited to wet his/her knickers over amnesty that I thought I’d puke as he/she showed his/her true colors

  6. Rush has made the point the only person that can separate Trump’s supporters from Trump is Trump. I’d like to think he gets that and will not do anything to sell out his base.

  7. All this southern wall jibber jabber? Pfffft. Count me out. I’m waiting for pearls of wisdom from #No-Hosey-4-Rosey Odonnell to dispense her manifestations of wisdom. She and her delusional twin sister, NO-DONALD Odonnell will surely steer us in the right direction.

  8. This does seem strange I guess, what if he’s keeping them busy while he Jails their leaders ? They’d be walking a tight rope after that !

  9. I am pretty sure he realizes that if he doesn’t deliver on his immigration promises he will be destroying his brand – cost himself billions
    And how do you think the rest of his presidency will go without conservative support?

  10. venturaguy
    OK, I got a vent on your comment even though it wasn’t as a bad as many retards.
    What the F where the head lines yesterday? Just in case you can’t remember “Many psychologists recommend Trump step down sighting the 25th.” I”m just curious, do some of you MoFo’s remember what you did yesterday. I took a week off this place. I need to do it again. Because f stupid MoFos. Trump kicked ass today. The MSM is praising him. In other words people, he shved it right back in their face. I’m fucking worried for the Republic based on the dumb ass shit here.

  11. And on top of that, he was coherent, and in control of the meeting. It was on teevee, it can’t be denied. He is the opposite of senile. I’m thinking the libs are in private saying, damn, Trump kick our ass and we didn’t realize until just now.

  12. Why is anyone here talking about the mental state of President Trump. Y’all need to quit listening and watching the CNN crap.
    Trump knows what the lefts position is now and he will work from there, they will be going what happened real soon.
    How many here think that Trump is going to sell the farm for pennies on the dollar. Not me.

  13. AA
    Excuse my language, today was “A Slam Mother Fucking Dunk”,. This is Trumps play ground. Negotiation. And he was dealing with amateurs. And Trumps the guy who intentionally left the cameras in there. He laid the responsibility of DACA on the Dems door step. Lets see if they can step up. Doubt it. But the WALL is non negotiable. I think they just got a big ass Bitch Slap. In fact I think it may be just sinking in.

  14. AA, Not near as smart as this guy, I guess nobody is, but I’ve had some limit exposure to this type of crap. The light at the end of the tunnel for the Dems was a Freight Train. The Trump Train. Trump lives for this shit. He’s freaken amazing.

  15. BB — What did Trump say for nearly two years on the stump? “BUILD THE WALL!” and “This country is being run by incompetents.” Unless I’ve missed something in the past couple days, there is no way in Heaven or hell he will change his mind on either of those things. Most of the people sitting around that table can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. The only thing they are worried about is getting reelected. Trump will get his deal and it will be a damn good one for America or he won’t. If he doesn’t get the deal we want, he won’t sign.

  16. I started my business career as a contract negotiator for a mega banking corp, doing tech contracts for multi-million $ purchases. Two things: You can’t negotiate a dang thing unless you know what’s important to the other side. Know that and you’re in the driver’s seat. Trump set the table, laid out the bird seed and sat there like a big, “dumb” cat while the little birdies chirped and chirped and chirped. It was crazy amazing! You’d think there’d be at least a few of them who could figure out you don’t give the other side all the cards — face up — before they are dealt back to you!!
    Second thing (and more seriously): This has to be a win/win for anyone to win. Trump won’t let our side lose. He is America First, Second, Third, and Always. If DACA interferes with that in any material way, it’s no deal. He’ll find a way to brand it another way for the D’s, allow them to save face, and get what he wants. That’s what I think.

  17. AA
    “You can’t negotiate a dang thing unless you know what’s important to the other side. Know that and you’re in the driver’s seat.”
    I’ve had a very similar experience with defense contractors back when I was young and pretty. Hated it. I was an arrogant son of a bitch back then. Not calm and collect like these days. But I usually got what I was after.

  18. He said he would sign anything Congress passed regarding DACA. Not a particularly positive sign. We voted for him because we no longer trusted Congress, either side of the aisle. Setting aside the veto power is capitulation and a betrayal to his supporters.

    Now, he may fully intend on disregarding his statement, though the Democrats and nevertrumpers are unlikely to let him, or us, forget it. Then again, perhaps Javanka is living rent free in Trump’s head, now that Bannon has been fully exorcised.

  19. @FarmWife January 9, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    > He needs 60 votes, he’s gotta give them something.

    Only if using domestic materiel to increase the size of the foreign invasion force is the Commander in Chief’s intent. America will face a lesser sized invasion with effective border enforcement, no physical barrier, and the expulsion of all already registered, implanted invaders (and their children, and their children’s children — which can be brought online before the current Commander in Chief’s retirement), than by spending years building a ceremonial physical barrier, ineffective border enforcement (with “catch and release” on this side of the border), and digging in all the invaders we already know are already here (and their children, and their children’s children).

  20. Trump got Steny Hoyer to admit ON RECORD Democrats want the wall. Then Trump left DACA to be “worked out” in their laps. They won’t agree on DACA, Trump will say we all agree on border security, let’s get the wall done. Dems cannot drag their feet on this going into November 2018. They’re screwed.
    The man is a 3D Chess genius.

  21. Don’t make the “perfect” the enemy of the “good”. Whatever Trump negotiates will be lots better than anything Hillary, Jeb, or Rubio would have gotten

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