BuzzFeed “Journalist” Tries To Take Down Tucker Carlson, Gets Shredded Instead

Famous Nevada brothel owner and outspoken libertarian, Dennis Hof was laid to rest early last November. A number of friends and admirers from all walks of life attended the service, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Former New York Madame Heidi Fleiss, Porn Star Ron Jeremy and Lakers co-owner Johnny Buss.

One of Dennis Hof’s former sex workers and current Ph.D. student, Christina Parreira also attended and later joined a gathering with Carlson to reminisce about their lost mutual friend. Tucker was gracious enough to pose for a picture with Parreira. That picture was found online by Buzzfeed News chief LA correspondent, Kate Aurthur. The reporter reposted the image along with a scathing tweet directed at the Fox New host a few days ago.


Parreira posted her defense of herself and Tucker to The Federalist Here 

Others who were at the gathering are pushing back as well against the salacious attack, Here

10 Comments on BuzzFeed “Journalist” Tries To Take Down Tucker Carlson, Gets Shredded Instead

  1. I’m answering you once, and then blocking you and muting the thread, for obvious reasons.

    You can dish out the BS but when someone tries to engage you with facts that rufute your claims and make you look foolish you run and hide. Does that about sum it up? Just stating the ‘obvious’.

    Don’t use the c-word very often but if i did it would be reserved for this one.

  2. “Aurthur threw together a reckless tweet, without checking the context, in an effort to garner clickbait.” That pretty much sums up the leftist media in one sentence. I have never seen a group of people more unable to understand “context”.

  3. @Engelburka – “Them kids so bad even Chuckie won’t play wid ’em. But I ain’t no gossip so you didn’t hear dat from me.”


  4. BuzzFeed is not and never will be anything but a leftwing funded, in the gutter collector of gutter rumors, trash talk, lies and anything likely to put any shade of conservative in a bad light. This story simply serves to prove this. A cheap rumor monger prints a photo and narrates it with innuendo and prints it as the truth. When confronted by the truth by one of the people actually in the photo she blocks her but not before sewing another stream of venom at her victims. Journalist indeed! I wonder how much of a Bonus Soros gave her for that. Now there’s a whore for you. That old man has lived too long (from the Movie “Shane” and badly paraphrased)

  5. @Gladys.
    Love me some Ms Jenkins. That’s a fine woman Ms Jenkins. Just don’t let her take her wig off. Head so bald you can see her thoughts.
    But I ain’t no gossip, so you didn’t hear dat from me!

    Anytime I hear the qualifier “but”… Bonita comes to mind.

    In Living Color was the best show. Before PC became mandatory.


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