California School Spending Up; Student Performance Down

CPR: California school boards are prevented by the state Legislature and governor from offering disproportionate pay to employees willing to work in high-poverty zones, cutting pension spending, altering tenure rules or granting principals the power to fire poorly performing employees. The outcome: poor student performance and shaky finances despite a big increase in spending.

All it takes is 62 legislators and the governor to change that outcome. Every legislator knows that school districts should not be forced to grant permanent employment after just 24 months or to divert money from current to retired teachers and should be permitted to pay more to teachers who take on tougher assignments and to fire under-performers.

The only thing stopping them is fear. They are afraid of CTA, the largest commercial and political special interest roaming the halls of the State Capitol. But don’t blame CTA. Its members collect ~$70 billion per year from taxpayers. You too would roam the Capitol if you collected that kind of money from legislators. more here

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  1. Retired teachers could obtain healthcare through California’s excellent Obamacare exchange to save costs. Ha, ha, ha. These retirees are mostly liberal voters, and they know California’s health care exchange is an expensive piece of crap. No, that shit’s for the ordinary suckers – not the liberal elite.

  2. Is anyone surprised?

    This is the outcome Progressive Libs want, so this is the outcome they get, Intentionally. It’s a win-win for them.

    First, it’s more money for the Lib Prog teachers and their union bosses…

    Secondly, it means more dumbed down, ignorant sheeple who can’t think for themselves (i.e. future Prog Democrat voters).

    This will not change, until “We The People” demand change. Think about it long and hard Kali-Komrades ®™.

  3. how does that old saying go ?

    “you get what you pay for”

    keep shoveling money at them there teachers.
    you can never have enough communist indoctrination of your children.

  4. Near as I can tell, this isn’t exclusive to California. I know locally the schools keep crying for more money and the home schooled kids continue to out perform the public educated ones.


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