D.C. City Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto to Decriminalize Fare Evasion


WASHINGTON— The D.C. City Council voted 11 to 2 to override Mayor Muriel Bowser’s veto of their bill to decriminalize fare evasion on the metro on Tuesday, prompting the District to join the likes of California, Seattle, Portland and New York where such measures have already been enacted.

“With today’s vote, the Council sent a clear message that it is committed to progressive criminal justice reform that dismantles the systemic racial and economic injustice that has only harmed our communities,” said Nassim Moshiree, Policy Director of the ACLU of the District of Columbia. “We once again extend our deepest gratitude to Councilmember Charles Allen for shepherding this bill in the council, to Councilmember Trayon White for introducing it and to all of the Councilmembers who stood firm in their vote.”

Trayon White made headlines earlier this year when he accused Jews of controlling the weather. The ACLU-DC did not comment on White’s remarks then and today said they “don’t see what those remarks have to do with the fare evasion decriminalization bill.”  more here

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  1. Another free handout program, that incentivizes the lazy, and rewards the criminal. 🙄

    Business as usual in D.C.! 😳

  2. This will just escalate the violations, something the D.C. council and ACLU apparently think are racial in nature.

    Behavior which is rewarded is repeated.

  3. “…said Nassim Moshiree..”

    …interesting when you can just LOOK at a name and tell that nothing this person does will EVER end well, innit?

  4. Let me get this right, so if you’re black or any other approved minority and you don’t pay the fare to ride the train nothing will happen to you because it’s racist to do so. Good luck with that, this is another reason I live in a place where there is no light rail or subway system. I am not a fan of our local transit system which is strictly buses and only use it when I have to if there’s no other way to get around.

  5. Reduce the federal subsidies spent on the public trans system in the same amount fare jumpers cheat the system

  6. Let’s not make this solely a race thing. The biggest braggart about riding public transportation for free, for years, was Sen Joseph R. Biden, an old cracker.

    He was also responsible for sending billions of dollars into the black hole called Amtrak.

    Have you all filed your 2018 tax returns yet?

  7. “Reduce the federal subsidies …”

    Why are there ANY Federal subsidies to “public” transportation? Where’s THAT in our Constitution?

    We live in a fantasy Republic – which is why it is quickly dissolving into a nightmare. Seems to never occur to these people that they simply haven’t the right to give away other peoples’ money.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “…this is another reason I live in a place where there is no light rail or subway system. I am not a fan of our local transit system which is strictly buses…”

    …bus lines are bad, too, @geoff the aardvark. They use access to mass transit as a criterion for where they spread the inner city poison via Section 8. This is how they flipped Hamilton County Ohio to blue, by shutting down and gentrifing the housing projects in the People’s republic of Cincinnati and paying their denizens to infect the second and third ring suburbs.

    Don’t buy on a bus line.

  9. Why charge fares at all, isn’t the system set up to run for free. If you run short of operating capital, just raise taxes, problem solved

  10. So, in my whiteness, that I didn’t ask for, I’m expected to pay because I’m the wrong color. Ummm. So those who pay taxes will have to pay for the “soft bigotry of low expectations”?

  11. It’s gotten near impossible to miss the CPUSA agenda to destroy the USA in all current events, that would otherwise be deemed incomprehensible.

  12. Screw the 14th amendment. Just have a different set of laws for White people because you hate those guys, let’s see how that works out for ya…

  13. I rode the DC Metro daily for 21 years. DC Metro employees only enforce the rules against white people anyway, so why not just make it policy? The highest paid transit union in the world runs the most expensive, (mile-for-mile) transit system in the world the way it was designed: As a make-government-jobs-for-black-people operation that has an unquenchable thirst for suburbanite money. it is filthy, poorly-maintained, and unreliable. And it’s subsidized by a tax on gasoline levied in the surrounding Maryland and Virginia communities. I avoid it to every extent possible

  14. they have made paying fares into an optional donation. Oh, I guess the inability to hop over the turnstile would also cause one to donate. Next, there will be a suit, claiming the turnstiles make it too difficult to opt out of the donation.
    the reason is that there is no reason

  15. Hollywood America haters should be chained naked to a subway pole for a year. This will reeducate the hollywood elite and make fares for would-be farejumpers a better value.

    If Jews controlled the weather, dont these idiots think Jews would corner the market in weather reporting?

  16. As I understand it fair-skipping is now just a unenforceable ticket for everyone, not just blacks. If you think white teenagers and young adults aren’t going to take advantage of that you’re crazy. The revenue is going to drop even faster then the worst scenarios predicted and crimes on the lines will increase (show this sort of weakness to predators and what happens next should come as no surprise) and the Mayor will be sure to point out that the City Council owns this one completely.


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