Democrat Vernon Jones Exposes His Own Party in Georgia for Election Fraud

Democrat Vernon Jones just exposed his own party in Georgia saying: “If I can go through what I’ve gone through, you can, too. I’m going to fight… The Democratic Party should be here right now because this is about democracy. If we don’t get elections right here where else can we go to get them right.”

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  1. Yeah, don’t even know why he brought jimmah’s name up.
    How’s that guy supposed to help? They took 50 hostages during his term, in the ME.

  2. I worry about 2 thing right now:

    1) More blood in the desert .
    2) The democrat slavery of the voting plantation.

    Figure it out America, you are the last hope.

    God bless

  3. MJA: I took his bringing up Carter as saying “Put up or shut up.”

    I think, or at least I hope, that there are still decent people in the Democratic Party and that they are as sickened as we are. They see how the left is trying to steal the election. They see AOC threatening to go after Trump supporters. They have had enough.

    There is an old movie where James Cagney plays Admiral Halsey. In one scene one of his aids offers to resign after a disagreement. Halsey said, “If you always agreed with me then what do I need you for?” That is why the United States has a two-party system. We need people with different views looking at how to solve problems. We did not need a Uni-party.

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  4. Don’t take your eyes off of the GA and NC Senate seats. Nothing has been done to stop Democrats from stealing those races.

  5. @Lowell

    I sincerely think that the democrats like long wars with no winners in order to thin the herd of patriotic conservative M E N.

  6. I’m watching Georgia, Answerman Cooper. Watching and waiting for SOS Raffensperger to start bombing me again with mail-in ballot applications for the runoff, because it’s the preferred voting method during Covid, while he pays no attention to the fraud-riddled Dominion voting system which probably set up both runoffs.


  7. Terrific. Vernon Jones is a man of integrity with the willingness and courage to publicly list all the most important items that are wrong, corrupt, and needs to be corrected for the good of the nation. Well said.

    If you’re in the mood to watch news about all this malarkey today. Newsmax is the place to be. Five minutes of FNC was all I could stand. There was so much kissing of Joe’s and Kamala’s backsides I think the seat of their pants are wet.

  8. @RadiMattM – Unfortunately instead using opposing views to solve the same problems as in the Adm Halsey story. What we have today are opposing views of what the problems are. And a determination to go in completely opposite directions to achieve goals that are 180˚ apart.

  9. I like Vernon Jones but he needs to stop staddling the fence. So what if most of his constituents are Demwits, he’s charming enough to convince them to vote for himm even if he became a Republican.
    Remaining a Democrat means he supports corruption and destructive socialist policies by association. Jones can’t reform the left who control the Democratic party, and he shouldn’t try.

  10. Blink: I understand completely. I think that is what I was saying between the lines. Perhaps it is optimist in me, but I can’t help but think that people such as Vernon Jones represents hope for the future of our great nation.

  11. Why do I keep seeing these big tech weenies telling me “The AP has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden”. They don’t seem to know/understand how our great Republic works. The Associated Press doesn’t determine the outcome of elections, no matter how great or small. They only REPORT on the election results. No state’s votes have been certified yet. The results of the election are not yet determined. The tech weenies need to go back to their high school civics class and do it over. Maybe they will get it the second time around!

  12. Dems insulted Americans with a criminal candidate who’s mentally and physically unfit. Then, paired him with a woman who meteorically rose politically by being mistress of a slimey California pol. What an example to women!!

  13. We kept the Commies at bay for decades. My friends bled and died in Viet Nam. I still remember their cries of agony. And for what??? To have our people vote their freedoms away by electing corrupt marxist politicians.

    I feel like puking.

  14. KCIR is absolutely correct “I sincerely think that the democrats like long wars with no winners in order to thin the herd of patriotic conservative M E N.” You know the warmongers have gloated over this fact many, many times. They get rich from wars and loose None of their own in the process. Patriots have to start re-targeting to end this injustice.

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