Detroit, Michigan: Democrat lawmaker credits Trump, antimalarial drug for saving her from coronavirus

Just The News: Karen Whitsett, a Democratic lawmaker from Detroit, is crediting President Trump for saving her life by raising hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for the coronavirus.

Whitsett, who learned Monday she had tested for positive for COVID-19, sought treatment for a range of symptoms in mid-March and her doctor prescribed the antimalarial medicine.

Whitsett was quoted by the Detroit Free Press as saying she had experienced shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, and what felt like a sinus infection, and started improving within two hours of getting the pills.

Hydroxychloroquine tablet is used to prevent and treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, among other ailments.

Whitsett was familiar with “the wonders” of hydroxychloroquine because she previously had Lyme disease, but says she would not have thought of asking her doctor had Trump not mentioned it in public as a possible treatment for the deadly COVID-19.

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16 Comments on Detroit, Michigan: Democrat lawmaker credits Trump, antimalarial drug for saving her from coronavirus

  1. She survived the virus but will she be allowed to stay in the Democrat Party?
    – The Democrats have a ban on saying nice things about President Trump.
    – There are a lot of Democrats who would rather die than follow Trump’s advice.

  2. An honest democrat? We need an investigation to see if there is such a thing.


    Fauci stands in front of the clintonista, obama bootlicking press and tries to sound as scary and horrific as he can. But when his name is on academic papers, something he can be held accountable for, which he was a coauthor of just a little over a week ago, he admits the truth. Which is that the coronavirus is most likely no more than just a bad seasonal flu.

    When we they all be held accountable for crashing the world economy?
    Who will hold them accountable? Certainly not Mitch or that pos Mccarthy.

    Bill Barr is good at delivering a speech at Notre Dame or a to the Federalist Society, but in his office he does nothing while the justice dept he runs prosecutes Trumpers for lying and gives Andrew Mccabe a free pass for the same thing.

    The gov’t is co-rupt as hail.

  3. Africa has now gone on lockdown, too, because of what Fauci says in his academic papers are a bad case of the seasonal flu.

    And they have no money in Africa to provide a ‘stimulus’. Now they will soon starve in Africa.

    The hoaxers pulled numbers out of their asses for their models. The models are now shown to be widely overblown. Then they shut down economies with their bogus models. This is no better than murder.

  4. “Then they shut down economies with their bogus models.”

    Finally achieving what Obola couldn’t. When we allowed hysteria to cloud our judgments, chaos followed.
    We can blame them for the hoax, but we have to blame ourselves for allowing it to happen. WE panicked. WE demanded protection from a hoax. WE stayed at home instead of telling these discount Napoleonic Governors to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. From the New York Times; “Trump Forces African-American to Take Unproven Drug in Attempt to Kill her”

    Ya’ll know I was kiddin right? But it’s not that much of a stretch.

  6. @Tim April 7, 2020 at 7:42 am

    > WE stayed at home instead of telling these discount Napoleonic Governors to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

    Yeah. THAT! Was the opportunity loss. By staying on the couch.

    Muh “Look at me! Look at ME! LOOK AT ME!” pride parade. That can never happen. Now.

    THAT! Is what’s being squandered.

  7. PDJT attempted to assure us that this dempanic (or whatever is going on) might be over by Easter….. But the fukcing lunatics started screaming. I trust God and I trust President Trump.

  8. “But the fukcing lunatics started screaming.”

    If it turns around too quickly, President Trump’s re-election is assured. They must maintain the Wuhan Flu Hoax as long as possible to disrupt, and ultimately, to allow the Demonrats full latitude for fraud.

    I know you and everybody else knows this, but sometimes it helps to re-state the obvious.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. It is not even on the radar up here in Canada.

    Our Fearless leader are pretending that the drug literally does not exist. Virtually no Questions from the Media.

    Apotex Pharma made BILLIONS producing generic copies of drugs in Canada. They Could make Truckloads of the shit but not a word from Prime Asslicker Turdeau!


    Nothing to indicate hope or, work towards a solution.

    “Stay inside & wash your hands” every 15 min from our Hong Kong Born public health Official with Turdeau’s voice at the end of the commercial.

  10. People raising hell about Trump admiring HCQ because people might listen to him about an unproven drug.

    Not a peep from then back when Biden said “buy a shotgun.”

  11. Having the full weight of the state government on businesses and churches to prosecute them, fine them, shut their electricity and water off is one thing. When your job is shut down, what to do? But it is difficult to control people from going outside their own houses in mass. When will there be enough of this and ignore all this then hit the streets?


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