Finally, a school taking a stand against the violation of common sense

Here’s a boy in a wig, claiming to be a woman, sitting in a bathroom stall in the girl’s bathroom.

The school pries the stall open.


Because this drama queen was given a bathroom to use, a private one, but he insists on going in the girl’s bathroom.

The boy’s room makes “him uncomfortable.”

The girls are uncomfortable with him in their bathroom.

SJWs seem to think the girls lose in this equation. One guy, who “feels” like a girl, should trump everything.

The school, thankfully, doesn’t see it that way. GOOD FOR THEM.

Yahoo slants the article with all Twitter responses being supportive of the “girl.”

Meanwhile, the Yahoo comments are overwhelmingly in support of the school, and there is tons of pushback on Twitter as well.

The “girls” sister seems to be siding with the school as well, except for the part about prying the door open.

A girl who called herself the sister of the teen who used the toilet wrote on FacebookWednesday, “Okay look, the people who work at Osseo Senior High don’t like doing things like what they did to my brother. If it gets to the point they have to do it. They gave my brother time to use the bathroom and get out. He has a bathroom of his own to use whenever he wants to use it because he doesn’t feel comfortable using a men’s bathroom. My brother is transgender and looks at himself as a woman, he doesn’t care for titles such as “he” or “she,” as long as he knows who he is then that’s all that matters.”The sibling continued, “He knows he isn’t able to use the women’s bathroom cause he will get in trouble, he just chooses to anyways. The reason why they won’t let him use the women’s bathroom is because other girls won’t feel comfortable. Which is why he has a bathroom he can go to without being looked at differently but that doesn’t give the school a right to invade my brother’s privacy like that while in the stall SITTING ON THE TOILET!” Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach the sister for comment. The girl says that the school supports her sibling wearing makeup and a wig but that administrators should not have barged into her stall.

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26 Comments on Finally, a school taking a stand against the violation of common sense

  1. Tell this poor deranged mental patient it’s time to pretend he is in India, simply shit outside! It works for 750 millions people there.

  2. It’s obvious that mental illness runs deep in this family. The school did the appropriate thing in evicting this disturbed young man. His personal discomfort in using the bathroom of his birth gender does not TRUMP the right of privacy for every female in the school.

  3. DNA is science and the science is settled. If your DNA says ‘male’ you’re a boy; and the same for a female.

    Everything else is opportunistic bullshit, and I refuse to play along with these lies posing indignantly as ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘diversity’.

    SJW’s everywhere can FUCK OFF.

  4. For Pete’s sake, let the guy shit in peace. He’s got enough to worry about, what with his mental issues…

  5. Good gravy I am glad my family are country people who largely can ignore the stupid world out there. It’s been a year or more since I went away but clearly stuff is the same. Whatever. You here are the only people that matter. I miss you people but I’m going blind from some predictably weird shit (it’s fine, y’all don’t be sad, I am ok and actually at peace and living a good life that I don’t reakjy need to see for, i have dogs and am happy).
    But I’m hijacking here because I only have eyes for a shirt window in each day and I wanna say hi and wish you Merry Christmas and remind you that I always love you all. I am no longer poor and I’m confident I can find work once I adapt. I am strong so don’t worry. Life is good to me now and I am able to handle my shit because YOU in the ether saw me through the hardest times of my life
    . You were there when I needed you most and you sacemmvdd me. You showed me mercy and kindness and your prayers fixed my soul. I do not have an easy life but I have a good life and easy is boring. You people helped make me strong and your prayers sustained me. I love you all, thank you for every kind deed thought and prayer you ever sent my way. I am fine and you will hear from me again but I just wanted to say these things while I can. I love you all, you are my dearest friends. Never forget that.

    Your pal.
    Mare. (Zilla)

    Now someone please copy this and fix typos and just stick it somewhere convenient? Also go ahead and give my email address you have for me to any iota friend who asks and I’ll givd them my # if they want to talk on the phone some time because I’m a chatty gal and I miss you guys a lot. God bless you and thank you, I love you all.

  6. Dr. Sinclair seems as maladjusted as the person who thinks he is a girl. How does anyone seriously expect to treat people with a fantasy of being another gender when the doctors refuse to accept biology too?

  7. Funny how the pervert calls other people perverts: by creating a situation he knows will result in people having to do things they don’t want to, forcing them to observe him in all of his perversity.
    All bathrooms should be one stool, one stall.
    Or if you prefer to say – four walls and one door.

  8. Epistemic relativism is the position that knowledge is valid only relatively to a specific context, society, culture or individual. Epistemic relativism being the coin of the realm in progdom… there is nothing to be gained by a person who values fact in trying to reason with progs.

  9. The sister’s response tells me all I need to know. “My brother”… “He”… “his”… “he”… “he”… “My brother”… “himself”… “he”… “he”… “he”… “He”… “he”… “he”… “he”… “him”… “he”… “he”… “my brother’s”…

  10. When will women stick up for themselves and children by simply demanding that confused trannies and others get their own toilets and sports?

    Women want progress, and these weirdos are beating them at everything and ruining their safety.

  11. Fuqem, drag his ass out and kick it until he’s out the door.
    This bullshit needs to go back under the rug of society where it belongs.

  12. I hate using shared bathrooms. What kind of person wouldn’t rather use a private bathroom that was offered to them? A pervert that gets off on invading girls’ privacy, that’s who.

  13. PS Overnight is my best time to talk cuz that MOM’s TIME here at the bunker and the pack knows to leave the Queen alone while the King sleeps. We have a system. I’m in my secure area and able to speak freely.Ask me anything but be aware that I talk loud, very off topic curse like a ducking New Yorker and don’t give a shit who I offend because life is short snd I am free. I can see some on my device right now so reach out here if u have time & want Zilla to make your ears bleed. I’m funny. Come on. U know u wanna talk to me..,,

  14. Next time, ( you known there will be a next time) dump a couple of cans of that bear repellent pepper spray from the N.J. Amazon warehouse in there and they won’t have to pry the door open. He’ll volunteer to unlatch the door and exit the room himself. The principle can honestly say, Hey, we didn’t force him out he was self motivated to leave. It was his choice.

  15. Who knows how to do FaceTime? I’m learning it and my kids and I are still on vacation so we can hang out. If u have the skills we can do a virtual party among us friends tonight cuz hubby just told me it is Friday. WOOHOOOO!,!!!

    I can’t see shit but I’m a fucking tech savant when left in peace to figure shit out. I will take blindness over that awful Lyme you guys got me through any day any time. But I am grateful for that experience because I learned so much and it made me tough. All my current junk is manageable and God has not taken anything I actually still need. I have everything customized, streamlined, and built for speed. Life is fucking awesome. Let’s party.


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