France: Halal Shop Forced to Close for Refusing to Sell Pork and Alcohol


Breitbart: A halal shop in Colombes faces closure after the landlord won a lawsuit against the tenant, which violated its lease by refusing to stock alcohol and pork.

The landlord, a public rent control organisation, or HLM office as they are known in France, is led by conservative Republican mayor of Colombes Nicole Goueta, who took the matter to court to get the halal grocer Good Price to either stock alcohol and pork or be evicted.

The HLM office has said that the shop owners have violated their lease which stipulated that they were using the commercial property for “a general trade of food”, L’Expressreports.

“This is a case that may seem unique but is still quite simple,” said the lawyer for the HLM office François Meyer. “Colombes gave a lease to the company Good Price and, in the clauses of the lease, is inserted a mention for this business to be a general shop,” he added.

The lawyer for Good Price dismissed the claims against the shop saying that alcohol “is not part of the general diet. It is called compliment, so there are no obligations.”

On Monday afternoon, the court in Nanterre ruled in favour of the HLM office with the judge in the case saying the sale of halal products “is restrictive and does not fit the broad notion of general food”.  read more

22 Comments on France: Halal Shop Forced to Close for Refusing to Sell Pork and Alcohol

  1. Hey Geoff, with all the driving around Eastern Washington, and Idaho that you do you probably come across some of the farms that are affiliated with Snake River Farms. The Kurobuta Pork from those guys is tough to beat. In fact, now that I think about, I had Kurobuta Bacon for breakfast this morning. No halal for me.

  2. How did they take the verdict? Insulting halal products as restrictive is probably an attack on their beloved Quran worthy of some overreaction.

  3. Oh hell, stop the presses, I think these guys horrendous, violent, 7th century, pedophile ‘religion’ should be respected by government.
    I would also respect the decision of this said government to relocating them to a region more in alignment with backward, ignorant thinking.

  4. A good friend of mine some 20 years ago when we both worked for a courier company got in big trouble and almost lost his job for telling a tall tale which he told our boss about the time he hit a pig while out driving in the middle of nowhere and killed it as it ran out in front of him. He managed to get the truck back to town only to find out that the cops were waiting for him when he got back and were going to arrest him because the pig squealed on him. Our boss told him to shut up and get out of there before he changed his mind, he didn’t think it was funny but we did.

  5. It may not be a popular opinion but what the French did was wrong. The shopkeeper has as much right not to sell pork or alcohol on religeous grounds as a baker here should have in not baking a wedding cake for gays. Hopefully when one of the cases here ends up at the SCOTUS that will be hammered home to the Libs.

  6. Halal meat has been prayed over in the name of allah. Christians are not supposed to eat meat that has been offered to false gods such as allah. Non-halal meat should be made available for Christians to purchase.

  7. scr_north, one major difference is that the French don’t have a constitution that protects the rights of individuals. I’m not a frog attorney but that agreement might be completely lawful in France.

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