Greta Thunberg – Time Traveler Conspiracy Theory is Asinine

Ummm, I know you’re kidding, but your quip makes little sense. If she’s from the future that means “Man Made Global Warming” amounted to nothing more than a pile of $hit.

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  1. Maybe she’s only from the future 11 years from now – just before man-made global warming has destroyed the earth and possibly the solar system. Or this photograph was taken 50 years in the future instead of 120 years ago, and this depicts the few remaining residents who were unable to escape San Francisco cleaning up human feces in what is left of that city after decades of Democrat control. (Boy, Union Square has really changed in the future).

  2. There is no time travel.
    If there was time travel an older version of myself would have appeared at regular intervals to kick my own ass.

  3. That face can be seen on any number of domestic cleaning women throughout the country. She’s no time traveler, and although youthful she’s just your average bitter looking bag lady.

  4. @WDS November 20, 2019 at 10:03 am

    > Wonder how much the left is paying Saint Pie-Face’s parents to whore the little tool out?

    Paying “to”? I’d risk sticking my hand into the sofa frame. Fishing for change. To donate to anyone who would take her. On a boat. In the middle of an ocean. Out of my house.

  5. Anon, you completely change out all cells in your body every seven years, so they would be new cells meeting new cells, so there would only be the satisfying thud of my future boot into the ass of my younger, miscreant self

  6. I have a doppelganger but I haven’t met him.

    Several years ago I was in western South Dakota stopping for gas on the Interstate. A guy came running over and exclaimed “Jim! What are you doing out here?” After a brief moment, he realized from my blank stare that I was not his next door neighbor back in Minneapolis. He took a photo of us to prove my existence to his neighbor.

    This was back in the pre smartphone/digital camera era so there is no digital record of the event.

    Oh yeah. I almost forgot: Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself.

  7. the reason the commies trot out children to defend their ridiculous propositions is that children talk in a language they can understand.

  8. She will be 18 years old January 3, 2021. Just over a year from now. I can hardly wait until people have to stop referring to this obnoxious runt as a “child”.

  9. @Ted Nougat November 20, 2019 at 11:56 am

    There are times, I am glad that both, I won’t think, and you can’t make me.

  10. @ not so anything – There was a commenter here named “Grey” or “Gray” something.

    Although more often than not, another commenter would say “I’ll bet Gray-xxx would hit that.”

    Other old farts here might remember better than I do.

  11. My mother told me a story of something that happened to her before she was married. My mother was on a train and the guy sitting next to her said, “Don’t I know you from someplace?” Her reaction was along the lines of , “Yeah, right, Buster.”

    He then pulled out a photo and showed it to her. If it weren’t for the fact that it was taken some place my mother had never been, she would sworn it was her.

  12. So she’s 17 but deliberately contrives her pigtails and presentation to appear 12.
    Lefties, being confused souls seeking a savior, have this bizarre faith that some child will reveal them some mystical Enlightenment.

    Lefties are the ultimate gullible yokel rubes. Leftist pols have exploited this since, oh, Abraham Lincoln, the original Lefty Fundamental Transformer, weaseled into office with just 27% of the National vote in a 4-candidate race.

  13. Of course, that photo of Grumpy Thudberg is from the past – recent past. Based on the day it was photoshopped.

  14. @Moxie: the handle was Grayscape. I miss his participation, although he had absolutely no standards. He would probably participate in a threesome with Hillary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or so he would claim).


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