High Speed Camera Mounted on Mower Blade – IOTW Report

High Speed Camera Mounted on Mower Blade

The way the guy figured out how to get the camera on the blade without it getting destroyed by g-force and wobbling was as interesting as the footage of the blades destroying things.

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  1. Cynic

    LOL. I’m a solid Model Mxther Fxcker. I just might have invented it. I sure as hell did for Raytheon. Alas, too many QE’s pissing all over the original intent wrecked it. I hate QE’s

  2. What an idiot!
    Standing next to it while dropping objects into it (cardboard) is really stupid. He had no idea what stresses he was imposing on that assembly. Fatigue may be understood as something that happens over long periods, but a small crack and propogate to complete failure in just a few cycles.
    1800 RPM is 30 revolutions in just one second. That’s plenty of opportunity for a crack to turn into “instantaneous disassembly”.

  3. I’m with Truffles: some people have too much spare time…..

    Also, I think it is a “boy thingie.” (I wouldn’t want the job, even if I were paid for it…..)
    ….Lady in Red

  4. Cool. Neat. Groovy. Awesome. But why? I don’t know.

    But it’s guy stuff. Fool around with machines to get them to do crazy stuff. Reminds me of the commercial about 20 years ago of a company that was marketing its latest and greatest copying machine/printer. Someone said “it looks like it can do everything except mow the lawn”. The engineers looked at each other with a glint in their eyes, and the next scene shows the copy machine mowing a lawn.

    I still think it is one of the most creative commercials ever.

  5. Boys & girls, men & women, are just wired differently. There is some crossover, of course, and the feminists want to eliminate the differences.

    There is a You-Tube video of a guy who has an ant farm and works it as a hobby, and he has made a name for himself among ant-farm enthusiasts all over the world. He has the ants figured out. He does experiments in ant behavour to see how they act. He gets them to do what he wants. He is an ant-nerd, big time. He’s well-known all over the world amongst like minded ant-nerds.

    Sorry, but I can’t see too many girls getting very interested in ant behavour as a hobby. Some that majored in biology and specialized in ants, sure, and are getting paid for research, yeah. Girls can study anything they want and they can also become ant-nerds. Nothing is stopping them. But do they do it?

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