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How to deal with leftists

This is a classic example of how to deal with leftist whinery-


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  1. Good one, Fur! lol

    (The Tax Reform bill passed tonight/this morning, 52/49 — Corker tried to pull a McCain, and was the only nay vote. Winning!)

  2. Forget 3d chess, old Bernie can’t seem to get the hang of checkers.

  3. Even after getting caught lying about Flynn and Trump, ABC radio is still running lies about Trump talking to the Russians during the election. TV has apologized and admitted Flynn talked to the Russians in December, as in after the election. But their radio side of the house is still accusing Trump of lying about collusion with Russia to take down Hillary. They cannot go bankrupt soon enough.

  4. Oh man that was crushingly brutal.


  5. @grool, yes. I don’t know how yet, but it will.

  6. Ouch! Another smack down, courtesy of the Boss!

  7. Global warming is a threat to humanity. Good, when we’re all dead the problem of too many people will have been solved.

  8. I seem to remember the 80s as being the Go-Go Decade.

    We only got higher taxes after a Democrat controlled congress forced HW Bush to go back on his pledge so he could get a budget past. Surely Sanders remembers that.

    I remember inflation running around 11% until Paul Volker raised interest rates and the economy rallied for the rest of the decade. I remember starting out the decade with Russians being expansionist and the Chinese isolationist communist. By the end the Iron Curtain collapsed and China was open for business.

    Seems like a pretty good decade for freedom.

  9. Comrade Bernie forgets (surprise!) that the Reagan Tax Cuts were phased-in over several years & they didn’t start until 1983!

    …. look it up Comrade Oatmeal Drooler

  10. After this tax cut takes place my family and I might be able to buy luxurious houses like Bernie!

  11. The economy was doing so badly Reagan only carried 49 states in 1984.

  12. Well done @Fur.

    BTW I saw Old Bernie at a D.C. restaurant recently. He doddered in with a couple of subservient obsequious Aides. They held his chair, got him seated, did everything but open his napkin and spoon feed him.

    He sat about 12 feet away and I had a good view. Dude! He is far more feeble and frail in person. Chewed and swallowed with difficulty.
    Nursing home level. He arose with difficulty.

    I don’t think he’s got many years left to enjoy that lousy beach house Hilary bought him to shut up.

  13. Great reply BFH! I read today that Corker wanted amnesty for DACA to get is vote on tax reform. Not a good trade and he voted NO. Sleazebag of epic proportons.

  14. OOPS! I got my slimy Senators mixed up. It was the despicable Flake who demanded, and got, “fair treatment” (read amnesty) for DACA people. Corker voted no all by himself without bribes apparently.

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