Illegal Migrants Boast of Aiding Democrats’ Campaigns

Breitbart: The Democrats’ 2018 election campaign is being aided by illegal immigrants, including the younger migrants who received the quasi-legal DACA amnesty from President Barack Obama.

DACA recipients “have talked to more than 600K voters!” according to a Tweet from Cristina Jimenez, an Ecuador-born migrant who is a co-founder of the United We Dream, a pro-amnesty group of illegals created by progressive lawyers and union organizers.

The UWD group claims 400,000 members and 100 chapters. Many of the most active members are university students who are also trying to get an amnesty for their parents, to help their extended family migrate into the United States, and to block immigration reforms which would help raise Americans’ income and civic stability. read more

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  1. The arrogance of these vermin is what just frosts my ass. They understand exactly how their comments will be seen by the american public and they are intentionally taunting and insulting to demonstrate their contempt.


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