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I’m pretty sure this is a joke…



via The Boys of 3/5

h/t Doc.

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  1. MJA, I sure hope this IS a joke! If I saw that on the street, I’d laugh my a$$ off! Then he would cry.

  2. If I see a man/boy with a hairdo like that I will immediately cease whatever I’m doing, point, mock and laugh as hard as I can until I can no longer see him.

  3. I’ve usually had a “buzz cut” and after 6 months in Arizona I had let my hair grow out. I went to my usual barber her in Oregon and he asked if I was going back to the Buzz. I told him NO I’m gonna let it grow so I can make it into a MAN BUN then I could get a Prius, put a Bernie bumper sticker on it and fit in with the rest of the liberal dirtbags here in Oregon…But I’d probably have to get a frontal lobotomy first! Then silence fell through out the shop and then when everyone realized I was bullshitting laughter erupted!!!

  4. Looks “shopped” to me but it’s pretty funny either way.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Oh, come on! That’s a girl. The beard is fake. Except she needs her eyebrows done. And her nose. But see, her ears are petite. Men have larger ears.

    Wait. Am I seeing hair on her shoulder? Okay, never mind.

  6. I got my first “crew cut” back in the early fifties. My poor Dad went ballistic. He thought I was going to become “a frigging Teddy Boy,” the punk rage in the UK at the time. Ah, my poor Dad, an innocent, hard working, wonderful gentleman. If only I had spent more time with him.
    Lovely Irish Song: The Old Man by John McDermott.

  7. I would have loved to had a crew cut as a kid. My grandpa had some electric clippers with no attachments that sounded like a chainsaw.😨

  8. This is the
    version of the 4chan
    hand gesture…

  9. Looks like the he he-hive comes with a free install of the sperm-eating-worm too?

    /fawk! what will they think of next?

  10. @Moe Tom

    I remember hearing about the Teddy Boys back in the late 50’s. The early Beatles ca. 1959-1962, in their Hamburg days, looked like Teddy Boys in their leather jackets and unruly hair.

  11. Tim Bucktu: Yes they were funny days. Remember the drain pipe trousers, and the duck tail haircuts, an the quiff?
    Forfucksakeman, those were the days. Today sucks!


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