Joe Biden Calls Texas & Mississippi “Neanderthals” for Wanting Freedom Instead of Lockdowns and Mask Mandates – IOTW Report

Joe Biden Calls Texas & Mississippi “Neanderthals” for Wanting Freedom Instead of Lockdowns and Mask Mandates

LOL. Should the demented pedophile be casting stones?


Oh, how the authoritarians cling for power and control.

Following the move by Texas and Mississippi to fully reopen and end statewide mask mandates, Biden delivered this bumbling response:

20 Comments on Joe Biden Calls Texas & Mississippi “Neanderthals” for Wanting Freedom Instead of Lockdowns and Mask Mandates

  1. This old, ignorant fossil that has been in government for 5 decades and has a fake doctor wife is calling people who believe in freedom of choice a neanderthal is as rich as you can get.
    Hey dickwad, why the barbed wire fences around the Capitol if your ‘enemies’ are neanderthals?
    Rot in HELL you faggot cocksucking piece of dogshit pussy.

  2. Joe was a corrupt, racist, perverted idiot before he had dementia. Now he’s a corrupt, racist, perverted idiot with dementia. To hell with the leftist edicts for face diapers. I’ve never required them in my store. They don’t even work. It’s like putting up chicken wire to keep out mosquitos.

  3. Who’s really the Neanderthal? It sure as heck isn’t those who believe in freedom to live their lives without govt. interference in every aspect of their lives. If anyone is a Neanderthal it’s joey and the democraps who like cavemen are constantly clubbing us over the head with their ungodly, unconstitutional edicts to keep us in submission to their evil will.

  4. Neanderthal?

    That sounds racist. I knew ole Slow Joe hated negroes and mexicans but I had no idea that he hated Neanderthalers, too!
    What a hater!
    What a racist!

    He should be impeached!
    Well, if he was a real, elected President and not a Usurper.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Big tough talk Joe, dissin’ Texas and Mississippi. This aint fictional Corn Pop you fraudulent, craven, double diaper wearing piece of shit. If you can stop sucking Obama’s cock long enough to come up for air maybe you would figure out what a useless ass hole you really are.

  6. Yous guys are some of my best sources – Jackass Joe is a totally bought & paid for corrupt, racist, perverted idiot and fraudulent, craven, double diaper wearing piece of shit asshole with dementia!

  7. No one in Texas or Mississippi is prohibiting anyone from wearing a mask or social distancing. If you want to follow these guidelines for whatever reason, then you are allowed to do so. You can also quarantine, work remotely, wash your hands 150 times a day, stay out of restaurants and bars – whatever you want to do. These complaints are just a power trip for liberals. If masks prevent the virus from escaping from someone’s breath, then masks should prevent the virus from penetrating to a healthy wearer’s face – but I don’t think this is true.

    If the paranoia promoted by the government were true, then the Democrat captive press would be all over the mass Covid deaths in Florida, Georgia and South Dakota – but they aren’t. This is probably because according to my favorite news source (Babylon Bee), everyone in the world has already died from Covid, and there is no one left to report on the situation except for the cockroaches at CNN and MSNBC who can survive anything.

  8. Is there any historical record of Neanderthals wearing masks? Joe Bot. Is even dumber than I have been led to believe.

  9. Please. He didn’t even know where he was or why he was here when he visited Texas recently. Ask him to spell Neanderthal. That’ll keep him busy for awhile.

  10. Wow! Ol’ Joe is using big words. Maybe Hunter gave him some coke and his brain met a lucid moment. Here in Minnesota, I see people driving in their cars (alone) with masks on! It’s a bitch living in a BLUE state.

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