Joe Joke

Via Woody-

Joe wobbles into his Catholic Church, finds the confessional booth and sits down…doesn’t utter a word. The Priest coughs, hoping to get a response. But Joe just sits and says nothing. Finally the Priest raps his knuckles three times on the screen. Joe mumbles, “Don’t bother knocking, pal. There’s no paper over here either.”

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  1. Moments later…a Young Woman sits down on the other side and says

    “Forgive Me Father, for I have sinned…I gave My Boyfriend Oral Sex”

    Joe panics….leans out of the booth and spies a young Altar Boy..

    “Hey Kid, what does Father O’Malley give for a BJ?”

    Altar Boy: “Usually a Dr. Pepper and a Mars Bar”

  2. Joe Biden, a Priest, and Boy Scout are the only 3 passengers on a plane. Suddenly the engines fail, and the pilot bursts from the cockpit, grabs one of the 3 parachutes and jumps out the door. Joe proclaims, “I’m gonna be president, so I’m taking one of these, grabs one and jumps out. The priest tells the Scout, “you take the last one lad, god will welcome me”, to which the Boy Scout replies, “no problem Father,we still have 2 Joe Biden grabbed my Knapsack”


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