Klein: For 38 Terrifying Minutes, Hawaii Experienced Israeli Life under Rocket Threat

Breitbart Jerusalem: TEL AVIV — For thirty-eight terrifying minutes on Saturday, Hawaii residents unfortunately experienced a sampling of life in Israel during recent wars here when Hawaiians received a mistaken emergency alert notification warning of a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii.”

Gov. David Ige said the false alarm was a human error caused when the wrong button was pushed during a shift change at the state emergency management agency.  The warning was issued amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, and some in Hawaii may have feared an incoming nuclear attack.  The mistake was reportedly corrected 38 minutes later by a second message confirming the false alarm.

The error is unacceptable and warrants the “full investigation” promised by the chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

While Israelis have not contended with nuclear missile attacks, the entire country lives under rocket threat and has experienced sustained rocket attacks punctuated by alerts that leave only seconds to find shelter. read more

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  1. 38 minutes during a shift change.

    If a real incoming missile were incoming during a shift change, how much real warning would the citizens of Hawaii actually have had?

  2. When my wife and I heard the news we moved quickly according to plan going out the back door and to high ground. We held hands there and waited with our pets for the “flash” but it never came. If the State of Hawaii promises an event and it doesn’t happen then they owe me a stack of large bills. If this occurs again and we have to rush back out, something had better happen.

  3. ❄️ A LOT OF CONVERTED SNOWFLAKES in 38 Minutes!❄️

    Not so willing to support America’s enemies after that little pants-shitter are you?

  4. America was solidly isolationist and deeply pacifist on Dec 6, 1941.

    Then came Pearl Harbor.

    National sentiment can turn 180 on a dime.

  5. Call me nuts but I’m of the opinion that this, like the whole sh*thole non-controversy that won’t gain traction, was just another distraction attempt in advance of next week and Fusion. There will be others because they’re getting desperate.

  6. I am in Hawaii on vacation. that may have been the scariest 1/2 HOUR in my life. I didn’t know what to do. the locals panicked. they say Hawaii doesn’t have enough time to react from a NK nuke missile launch. I guess praying was the only option. I did a lot of that.

  7. Are we just going to ignore that this possibly was a deliberate act? Is the button pusher a muslim? Dem gov has no credibility.

  8. @ Billy F: Exactly! And, in a State where so many always elect (d)s, the irony of the Israel comparison will go over almost all their heads!

  9. SMUDGE, I used to live in Hawaii. For the most part going to school is not the highest priority for most of the kids there. Uneducated might be accurate.

  10. “While Israelis have not contended with nuclear missile attacks,”… yet. BTW- You guys are too much fun. Really. No BS.

  11. The state of Hawaii has been run by the Dummycrats for decades. The current governor is Dem, the head of EMA is more than likely a Dem, and most of the state, and its politicians, are Dummycrats. Tells you something, doesn’t it?

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