Limbaugh’s Idea on Amnesty… meh

I know what Rush is trying to do with his latest idea on amnesty – pathway to citizenship for every illegal with no voting rights for 15-25 years.

Yes, he’s only floating the idea because it’s designed to show that dems are only interested in increasing their voter base, but it’s a horrible idea if it were to be considered.


Well, first of all his idea is already limp-wristed in that he says 15-25 years. Is it 15? Is it 25?

The flaw, however, is VOTER FRAUD. Illegals already vote.  Hell, dead people vote. Give the left actually warm bodies to deal with and the problem will only get much worse.

Also, any provision put in place can be undone. The best idea is wall, e-verification, systematic deportation.


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  1. I like what Trumps doing much better. Give the Socialists 3 times the amount of carrots they asked for. All you got to do is meet my demands on these other things over here. Trump knew they’d never get the job done. Hell Obama knew he couldn’t get it through congress that’s why he signed the illegal EO. When the time up DACA will go bye bye. I’m curious how Trump thinks he’s going to get the Wall financed though. The only way I see it happening is the nuclear option.

  2. I think a lot of what we will see this year is setting up for November. If the voters see bills that they would like to be enacted struck down by Democratic filibustering they will see the importance of adding Republican senators. 60 is not impossible, particularly considering that most of the 33 or so seats this year are held by Dems.

  3. You tell them 15-25 years and the next time the Dems have the House and Senate they amend it to the next election.

    No taxation without representation, 2nd class citizens, more American than you or me, racist, blah, blah, blah.

    I’ve seen this movie before. If they won’t agree to fund the wall and get rid of the crooks then crank up deportations for everybody so much that they scream in bloody agony.

  4. Amnesty and citizenship are two different things. I would not mind if amnesty were given to every ILLEGAL alien living in the US AFTER a wall is built.

    But the ‘yellow brick road to citizenship’ should start only after the amnestized ILLEGAL alien gets in line behind all legally waiting citizen applicants. But again, they cannot BEGIN that process until after secure borders, including barriers or walls.

    Also, each amnestized citizen must present proof of the date they began living in the US. So oldest dates go first, at the end of the line.

    They will receive NO FURTHER US GOVERNMENT finiancial help to gain citizenship.
    They may not vote,
    Their state issued driver’s license MUST state that they are NON-CITIZENS.
    They may be issued special NON-CITIZEN Social Security Numbers. But will pay all applicable taxes, fees, and etc. that any working citizen pays.
    Any NIN-CITIZEN convicted of a crime, fraud, including voter fraud, gets deported. Not thrown in our jails.

    Think about it;
    They are and have been here.
    They cost a lot of money trying to deport. Money we could use for border control.

    I know, voter fraud, but that goes on now. The dems will find a nefarious way to rig the game.

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    It’s not the illegals that sway elections, it’s bots like me!

  6. TO TonyR and B_B
    Yep. That’s not what they’re after in the first place…if they had to accept all that Trump requires along with it.

    GREAT way to expose them for their base motivations…
    …hopefully a real eye opener for their voters (ya never know).

    P.S. A NEW Q location:

  7. The DEMS will never do it. This people need the criminals illegal aliens to vote on November 2018 some of the black people are getting out of the plantation.

  8. President Trump offered a deal that even that rabid Chihuahua, Luis Gutierrez liked. Left democRATS with 💩on their faces.


    Is not the privilege of living in America enough? I say life-time probation too. One strike and you’re deported.

  10. Trump needs to find a way to undermine McConnell to get him ousted and replaced with a patriot. Change the sixty vote rule now, it may be our last chance to get things moving.

  11. dang, that looks like Karl Rove in that pic

    fits thought …. Limbaugh’s almost a big a RINO as Rove …. I’ll take that back. he just wants to continue to be invited to the latest fish & goose soiree’ at the Bush’s w/ McCain, Romney & Levin

  12. Rush has been saying this for years. He thinks it’s a clever way of pointing out that the dems see illegals as nothing but votes

  13. I listen to Limbaugh occasionally. He is sort of entertaining. I agree with much of what he says. On population and immigration he is absolutely clueless. He thinks every nation needs more people and that population growth is good and a sign of strength. Rush should do a tour of a few places like Niger and Pakistan and Bangladesh to see his high-growth ideas in high gear. Limbaugh would not be on board w a proposal to stop immigration to the US. Sorry I can’t take the guy too seriously, he is too wrapped up in inside baseball political intrigue to see the big picture.

  14. Dan: Same thing with the wall. You can have the finest wall in the world but once they get control they will ram the truck bomb through the gate and tell everybody the poem on the Statue of Liberty told them to do it.


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