Mother Arrested For Taking Her 15 Year-Old Daughter’s Cell Phone Away As Punishment


Police in Michigan idiotically arrested a mother who punished her teen daughter by taking a cell phone away from the girl. You read that right, police ACTUALLY arrested this mom for disciplining her daughter.

The incident wrapped up last week in Hudsonville, Michigan, where a prosecutor finally dropped the charges Tuesday against mother Jodie May. But the whole thing should never have gotten to the point where prosecutors were considering charges in the first place.

“I would like answers on why it got so far and how it got this far, where this happened within my home. I’m disciplining my child, then I’m being the one handcuffed,” May told WOOD-TV.


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  1. Hey Mom, go all corporal
    punishment to straighten bratty out. Then get locked up when she calls
    the cops again and plead guilty
    for it and let the foster care
    system have the kid while
    you get free 3 hots and a cot.
    The system works great if you
    are a crap parent.

  2. I’ve seen an explosion in domestic violence arrests in the local blotters. Maybe this is the result of police being told to lay off the usual suspects for other crimes? Whatever the case, it may be worth noting the spike. Further, it’s not just men, there are some days 5-6 women arrested for domestic violence.

  3. This is not as simple as it appears, actually. If the father bought the phone for the child and was paying for the cell phone service, what gave the mother the right, without his consent, to take it away.

    If the mother had been paying for the service, she could have simply turned it off.

    Divorce cases…

  4. Anon 7:34,
    I’m with you. If I was arrested for disciplining my child in a non-violent manner; “Yur judgeship, apparently I’m not fit to raise and discipline my own child. Therefore I’m turning her over to the state. Where do I sign? Maybe you can assign her to the arresting officer.”

  5. Now, really glad to know that RBG has Grand Children. I’d leave it up to her to not take that I Phone away. Her Mom , (RGB’s daughter) would not be arrested. Cause RGB raised her that abortion is OK. Kids never listen,,, see I told you! WTF! And this psycho has a lifelong job? Roe VS wade was settled a long time ago. It;s a woman’s choice and lifelong decision..

  6. MJA nailed that… Except that petty dude would no doubt come up with some other way to screw with and undermine her.

    Now that kid knows for a fact that she can get away with anything, and mom is chanting, just three more years… Under her breath.

  7. When my son was smallish he once said he was going to call child services on me – it surprised me because this is a kid who is very laid back, not troublesome (“normal” kid things, and even many of those not), and we communicate a LOT.

    My immediate reaction, however, was not fear, but anger. Between the look on my face and the information I told him – truthfully, what would happen – it scared the crap out of him because in his heart he feared separation from me and knew that I took very good care of him.

    Now he is a teenager and I have taken his phone away once; he surrendered it without a fight and was able to relate back to me what he was getting in trouble for. And he’s taller than me. 😉

  8. Rathaus, one of my kids did that once. His Dad got onto him for something and he told him, “you can’t do that it is abuse, that lady who came to school told us if we were being abused to call 911 and the police would come and take you away.” My husband said, “here I’ll call for you, but when they come take me to jail I will bail out and come home, you on the other hand will be taken to foster care and put in a home with strangers and there you will stay because I will leave you there.” He pushed one button and my son was yelling, “please don’t call I don’t want to live with strangers, I’m sorry, I was just mad.”
    He never made that threat again. lol


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