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Ok, Which One of You Readers in Texas Did This?

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  1. Not me! No true Texas would lower himself to drive a Dodge Ram. I wish I had thought of it, though.

  2. A life size diorama set up in that trailer cage of hillary being eaten alive by wild texas boars would be apropos.

  3. Dr. Hambone are you saying there are steers and queers in Texas? lol

    I’m so old I remember when you could make jokes like that and people didn’t get all butt hurt.
    A few years ago, some race track promoters in Missouri, Kansas and Texas were having a friendly competition, making videos about each other’s tracks before a big series were coming to all of their tracks. It was all funny, them poking fun of each other, their track and their state. Then one of the Missouri track promoters said all there were in Texas were steers and queers. The Texas track promoter didn’t take offense, but people who had been watching all of the back and forth, got all offended because he said queers and thought the series shouldn’t go to his track and that his track should be shut down, he should be fired, etc. It spoke bad of race tracks, drivers, etc. It actually was only two people ranting and raving at first, then they took it to those who have nothing to do with tracks and then all the fun and good they were actually doing, because it was all about raising money for kids in hospitals.

  4. Not new to Texas. While construction was going on here installing boat ramps, several of the truck drivers had those emblems on their trucks. DH and I would laugh and give them a thumbs up. But good idea. I saw a Hillary bumper sticker (2016) the other day – on a bright red Prius in the heart of liberalsville on the coast.

  5. In Air Force basic training, the TI asked me where I was from. When I told him Texas, he pulled the old steers and queers routine. I told him I must be a steer because I sure wasn’t a queer. He seemed pleased and moved on.

  6. The Dodge Ram badge very closely resembles a uterus if you squint your eyes just a little. Very appropriate for an Obamamobile.


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