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Oregon’s Virtual Charter Schools Are the Definition of Social Distancing. The State Shut Them Down Anyway.

Students who already learned from home are now deprived of their education because brick-and-mortar schools are closed.

Willamette Week:

The Oregon Department of Education has closed the state’s online charter schools under Gov. Kate Brown’s order to close public schools to halt the spread of COVID-19, according to a document obtained by WW.

“The governor’s E.O. 20-08 closed all public charter schools as defined in ORS 338.005(2),” states a March 24 PowerPoint presentation to the state’s school superintendents. “This definition includes virtual public charter schools.”

Marc Siegel, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Education, confirms that although Brown’s order did not explicitly call for the closure of online charters, state education officials believe that is the intent of the governor’s order. more

h/t Jerry Manderin.

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  1. Can’t get a virus over the computer (a physical virus, not a computer virus).

    This bitch needs to be put back on her leash.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. It’s always about control and money, not the kids. Government schools are how we got these dictators in government.

  3. The education establishment has been all about protecting and controlling information to maximize professor’s and especially administrator’s salaries. By this time you should be able to listen to any teacher on any subject from any school or college on your computer. If there were for-profit testing centers where anyone could schedule a test for official college credit, the universities would no longer have a monopoly or be able to charge ridiculous amounts of money. They would have to compete. This would also prevent leftest professors from performing indoctrination by exposing their lectures for everyone to see. Imagine some bright high school kid in a small town in fly over country listening to a lecture series from an ivy-league university.

  4. They are closing the ON LINE education because they do not want 2 things:

    1) that the virtual on line students have a learning advantage over the closed brick & mortar schools

    2) the in classroom teachers & unions are protecting their jobs

    Remember, It is about leveling the playing field. Better to have everyone loose the same amount rather than some people unfairly pulling ahead.

  5. We have a bad governor in Jay Inslee in Wash. state, Oregon has far worse in Kate Brown. I’m glad I’m up here and not down there in an even more weenie ecotopia like Oregon. And don’t even get me started how much I hate Govt. employee unions.

  6. It’s not just Oregon and in most cases it’s the State School Superintendents and regardless if they’re Republican or Democrat do as the teacher unions tell them to do. They hate online schools and home schooled kids because it takes money out of their pockets.

    They can’t have more parents switch to an online school because then they will lose even more students. SO they must be shut down as well.

  7. Brown is ridiculous. She doesn’t even know what sex she is and which gender she wants to screw from day to day.

    They’re still able to buy stuff from homeschool sties online. Which may get moms and dads interested in homeschooling. And if so, Brown’s going to have real problems on her hands. lol.

  8. It’s all about control. And punishment for not giving your children over to the state.

    Other’s have said this and I also believe that the left is using this to see just how much they can destroy our Constitutional rights without us fighting back. I’d say that their ‘experiment’ is working out fine.

    I hear a lot of talk about fighting back, but waiting for them to solidify their control might be too late. I’m doing my part – I have not complied with our govenor’s house arrest order … many times.

  9. … one of the reasons I yanked my son from public school was when I found out that they insisted that all the kids be absolutely equal at all times in OUTCOME and ACHIEVEMENT.

    I taught my son to read from an early age, well before he got to school (thank you Curious George and Dr. Seuss), so he was ahead of his class when he got the school pretty much until he left.
    The school kept trying to hold him back, because they said it was “too distracting” for him to be out of sync with the rest of the class., and pointed me to a buried statement in the school rules pamphlet that said they don’t recognize or support gifted achievement. This was very discoraging to him, especially because the school kept putting him in the SLOWER classes so he’d pull their state NCLB scores up, which just dragged him even further down. Not the first time I go a lawyer and went to his school, but pretty close to the LAST because I got fed up with their bullshit and yanked him.

    One of my favoraite antagonistic meetings with them was with his, I think, fifth grade teacher (this one had “Obama” hand fans in her classroom for all the kids) discussing some f’ed up shit they tried to pull (usually racial), and we were discussing with the asshole principal via lawyer what the school was going to do different, when the TEACHER (a White, skunk-blonde woman, but you can guess what Hubby was) piped up and said, “Well, as the President of the Teacher’s Union, I have to oppose any changes to protect all of the teachers from having to do extra work”.

    Meaning herself.

    …I had my lawyer, another woman, but one that was costing me several hundred dollars an hour, chew on her scrawney ass for a little while until the racist principal reluctantly told his teacher to back off, so we won that PARTICULAR battle, but it was VERY expensive and was hardly the last, so we finally pulled him.

    It was a stupid, politically-correct environment and I’m sorry I ever subjected my son to it, but I suppose it taught him some valuable lessons too, not the least of which was what jackasses Public School people and their unions are, and how Government does NOT have YOUR best interests at heart, so I had to spend less time teaching him the “Other Actor” fallacy (that other people will act in YOUR best interests) than I otherwise WOULD have…

    …so, a little adversity is good. He learned ABSOLUTELY not to trust Government. Bet my GRANDKIDS don’t go to pubic school as a result, once I HAVE some, that is (but I’m in no hurry, Son)…

  10. Socialism and its offshoot, labor unions (in this case, teachers) are about equal outcomes, not equal opportunity. This is achieved by bringing high performers down to the incompetent’s level rather than raising incompetents up to high achievers.

    It’s why socialism fails EVERY TIME it is attempted.

  11. Fully agree on the politics, most comments above. That said:

    We need to slow down on the on-line trend. Research has shown that screen learning, TV or computer, is not as good as in-person instruction and plain old-fashioned books, for multiple reasons. For young children, some of it is physiological, but part of pedagogy includes having good teachers to motivate, enthuse, answer questions, and, yes, structure, monitor and prod when necessary.

    The trend is also allowing colleges to glom more and more tuition money from marginal admittees for mediocre and cheap classes. Ditto professional learning mandatory courses. “Credentialing”. Internet courses, as well as the old-fashioned book learning, remain available to the truly self-motivated, as they always have. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    It’s been a while, but we homeschooled our kids and succumbed to intense pressure from the Broward County school system to sign the kids up for “virtual school” at the beginning of what would be high school. We tried some classes. It was a decidedly negative experience compared with how the kids were doing otherwise. On-line “learning” was rote and riddled with time-wasting busywork crap designed (they hoped) to cut down on cheating. The kids rapidly engineered ways to internet surf and do other things, and set up multiple computers to get around the nonsense, including on-line “tests”. Within the year, we trotted them right over to the local community college to sign up for real classes in things that were difficult to teach at home — sciences with labs, languages we did not speak, etc. Much better.

    Finally, as someone who begrudgingly pays for the periodic “continuing professional education courses” I am required to have, much of it useless junk, then has them run with the sound off on a computer in order to check off that I took this or that required and badly-presented class in some subject matter (that someone is making money from) that I did not need and was not interested in in the first place…

    I am and remain adamently against on-line classes for anyone who is not taking the class because he or she is utterly self-motivated and totally fascinated by the particular subject.

    I realize this veered somewhat off-topic, but I feel so strongly about this that I had to say something.

  12. janitor MARCH 29, 2020 AT 2:28 PM

    …you are correct, we tried that too (briefly), and you REALLY have to be dedicated to even WATCH that dull, boring crap on your computer screen, and – kids being kids – there were ALWAYS unauthorized things going on in the background…

    …also, they had “social meet-ups” where they would require the kids go to something entertaining together, like a picnic or a museum, but once you saw the other kids, you discovered very QUICKLY what the definition of “awkward” is, and could tell IMMEDIATELY why most of them selected the online route, just sayin’…

    …so, taking a kid who’s already an introvert and letting them retreat into a total virtual world? Not good from what I saw, not good at all…

  13. “Everything important you learned; you learned in Kindy-Garden.”
    After that, it was all BS (well, got to do some Trig and Algebra later on).
    And if you think about it, everything you’ve been taught, someone taught hisself at some point in the past!
    Newton and Leibniz taught themselves the Calculus.
    Euclid taught hisself that stuff that he taught hisself.
    Archimedes taught hisself that other stuff.
    Schrodinger invented cats.
    Pythagoras taught hisself angles.
    Mendel taught hisself about beans (or flowers or whatever).
    Carnot taught hisself about Air Conditioning.
    Priestly invented Oxygen by hisself.
    Edison just about everything else.

    Teach your children well … and feed them on your dreams.
    We don’t need no education …

    izlamo delenda est …


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