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Pelosi: “Please Clap”

American Mirror:

VIDEO: Pelosi tells president, congressional leaders when to clap during ceremony

Nancy Pelosi apparently thinks she’s everyone’s mother — including the President of the United States.

During a Wednesday Congressional ceremony honoring former Sen. Bob Dole, she told President Trump, Vice President Pence, congressional leaders, members of Congress and guests when to clap during her remarks.

“I first want to pay tribute to the sponsors of the resolution,” Pelosi said, “Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Congressman — Whip Steny Hoyer, Sen. Roberts and Sen. Leahy. Thank you. Thank you for your leadership in getting this done so expeditiously.

“It is fitting — that was an applause line for our sponsors,” Pelosi interrupted herself before a quiet room at the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony.

She turned to look at Trump and laughed.

Pelosi tripped over words.  MORE

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  1. You know you are circling the toilet bowl when you have to say ‘Please Clap’. Just ask Jeb! – neither spending $150 million nor begging the NH audience to Please Clap saved him from humiliation.

  2. THIS is what Conan meant by “the lamentations of their women”.

    I hope she clings to her useless titles until they have to take her out on a stretcher.
    Shot up with Haldol and padded restraints.

  3. Obviously one of the people the House drugstore delivers Alzheimer’s meds to.

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