Police Chief Arrested for [I don’t even want to type it]

Neon Nettle: A West Virginia police chief has been charged with raping a child who was trafficked to him for sex by the victim’s relative for $50, federal prosecutors revealed this week.

28-year-old Kristen Naylor-Legg arranged for her female relative, a minor, to be raped by former Gauley Bridge Police Department Chief Larry Allen Clay Jr. on two separate occasions last June, the Justice Department said in a press release.

Naylor-Legg allegedly agreed to provide the victim to Clay so that he could have sexual intercourse with her for small cash payments.

Naylor-Legg admitted that on the first occasion, Clay paid her $100 for trafficking the child to him, according to court documents and statements.

Clay agreed to pay her $50 on the second occasion, but ultimately never gave her the money.

On Wednesday, Naylor-Legg pleaded guilty on the charge of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor under the age of 18, the Justice Department reported. read more

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  1. Goes to show everyone, that you can’t trust ANYONE! I treat LEO the same as I do anyone else. I don’t count them as being on my side. Stories out there that 30% of the population is insane….I think it’s more than that.

  2. Yeeaahh,, I’m thinking if he gets sentenced to a year, it’ll actually work out to be a life sentence.

    Okay, it’s screwed up to just Consider doing that, but what I want to know is

    How the HELL did you idiots think this was something you could get away with?
    Lemme askyew,, what would happen if your daughter came to you and told you
    Dad, there’s a girl at school and she is telling me about these things…

    Goog Gawd,, I can’t imagine,,

  3. “Love has no age.” Maybe true, but it does seem to have a price, which is either $50 or $100.

  4. I hope he goes to prison and all the inmates know he’s a cop that raped a minor.
    He’ll never have a decent fart again.

  5. Many, many bad cops, and if you think they don’t cover for each other then you’re blind.
    Growing up having family in Law Enforcement I can tell you it’s always been crooked and even the good guys look the other way instead of confronting all the bad seeds. Which in my opinion also makes them bad seeds although I’ve made many of them mad over the years by pointing that out to them.
    Something else I can tell you is the vast majority don’t give two cents about the Constitution, I’ve lost count of the arguments I’ve had with them when they tell me their badge gun is their search warrant.

  6. In Mississippi age of consent 16. They should have established residence there first.

    Seems like a nice guy, he was willing to share… (for a fee)

    The potential sentence should the Defendant be convicted of the charged offense, including a ten-year mandatory minimum, reflects the seriousness of the offense. The alleged facts, including the Defendant’s history of recruiting fellow law enforcement officers for sexual relationships with women, the vulnerability of the minor victim who was coerced by a caregiver to have sex with the local chief of police in exchange for money paid to the caregiver, and the allegations that the Defendant attempted to pimp the minor victim out to other officers, all add to the gravity of the offense. The Defendant’s argument that he did not use violence is unavailing. The Court declines the invitation to accept the fact that the victim was “on the eve of her eighteenth birthday” and the fact that the Defendant’s conduct involved encounters with a single victim as mitigating circumstances. Further, these facts do not dilute the risk of danger that the Defendant poses to the community. If the alleged facts are proven, the Defendant caused tremendous harm to a child. The weight of the evidence, including witness statements and DNA evidence, appears substantial.

    Mr. Clay does not have any prior criminal convictions. He has substantial family ties in the community. His past employment as a law enforcement officer and chief of police is concerning, given the evidence that he sexually abused a minor while on duty, once next to his police cruiser and once in a police substation. In addition, the evidence that he invited other officers to join him in abusing the minor victim indicates both a willingness to abuse his authority and a lack of respect for the law. Much like a defendant who is alleged to have committed a crime while under court supervision, a defendant who is alleged to have committed a crime while entrusted with the responsibility and power of law enforcement has abused trust and demonstrated disdain for the laws he was charged with enforcing.

  7. @Cmn¢¢guy – “…He’ll never have a decent fart again…”

    Correction, he’ll never have another fart. He’s a dead man waiting.

  8. Hate to dash anyone’s hopes, but at least in IL they build the population into more than 70% pedo a one or two facilities so they can warehouse them without worrying about there being accidents in the yard, rec area or other.

    Have a welcome home party planned for someone if he ever gets out and/or I’m still sucking air. They’re nice enough to keep joe citizen appraised of status on any individual you wish to keep aware of on their status.

    “Inmate Search,” and I suspect other states do the same.

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