President Trump Threatens to pull ICE out of California

Breitbart: President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to pull the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency out of California to punish the state for what he called its efforts to shield criminal gang members in “sanctuary cities.”

FOX News screenshot- FOX NEWS

Trump was addressing a meeting of state and local government leaders at the White House who had gathered to discuss how to improve safety and security at the nation’s schools, in the wake of the mass shooting last week at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

After praising the work of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in fighting against gangs, Trump addressed the question of opposition form the State of California directly:

They [the MS-13 gang] actually have franchises going to Los Angeles. We’re getting no help from the State of California. I mean, frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California, you would have a crime mess like you’ve never seen in California. All I’d have to do is say, “ICE and Border Patrol,  let California alone.” You’d be inundated — you would see crime like no one has ever seen crime in this country. And yet, we get no help from the State of California. They are doing a lousy management job. They have the highest taxes in the nation, and they don’t know what’s happening out there. Frankly, it’s a disgrace. The “sanctuary city” situation, the protection of these horrible criminals — you know it, because you’re working on it — the protection of these horrible criminals in California, and other places, but in California, that if we ever pulled our ICE out, and we ever said, “Let California alone, let them figure it out for themselves,” in two months, they’d be begging for us to come back. They would be begging. And you know what? I am thinking about doing it.  MORE HERE

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  1. Do it. Make CA’s wishes come true. Put the border patrol and ICE personnel on the Eastern CA border. The Federal agents would be in less danger.


    Just like the Civil War, it may be time to arrest / imprison public officials over this issue, and states can decide to take up arms to defend it.

  3. Didn’t Baltimore “communities” learn that lesson when they wanted the police out of their neighborhoods. Then the BLM and bussed in marchers left. Then months later after the crime rate went through the roof, they were beggging for the police to come back. No sign of BLM trying to stop the crime.

    So let California learn that lesson the hard way.

  4. Can you imagine the migration to CA, It would be like the gold rush all over again.
    Talk about Corral them ripe for deportation.

  5. Soon, we should be hearing from a federal judge, telling Trump he is absolutely forbidden from pulling ICE out of California.

  6. Trump and members of the administration should do everything possible to hasten the collapse of that corrupt regime. Withhold federal funds, make arrests of crooked officials and set a precedent for other like minded states to see.
    They need to get control of this situation before it gets worse than it already is.

  7. It would be karma to see them fail but it condemns the innocent american citizens to hardship/death because of the failure of their state leaders, sends the wrong message to the criminals, and it would President Trump guilty of not doing his job to protect ALL americans from foreign invaders and criminals.

    Better to double-down and begin a MASSIVE hiring wave and call to arms of all righteous red blooded americans that want to take up arms against these invaders and kill them all.

    We could clean out Mexifornia in a month, arrest their traitorous leaders, and impose the constitution as WRITTEN once again in the golden state.

  8. As long as he doesn’t threaten to end something blatantly unconstitutional. Like DACA. That would be… what? Oh. Never mind.

  9. Does California has “No Guns and No Federal Laws Allowed on Premises” signs at the State line yet?
    Waiting to see how this all works.
    No, not really waiting.

  10. Actually pulling ICE out of CA may be unconstitutional as the President is sworn to enforce all laws in all 50 states.
    I can understand that the frustration level in the white house with CA has got to be extremely high. The majority of the US thinks they are led by and incompetent group of liberals that fail to see the obvious results of their legislative failures. AKA the “ostrich syndrome”, having your head stuck in the ground and your ass in the air.
    Maintaining and increasing a strong ICE presence in CA will have results sooner or later.

  11. Shouldn’t have said anything, just quietly close the offices and reassign the agents to the borders east of CA. Force Gov. Moonbeam to formally request their return and commit to full compliance with Federal laws.

    The threat makes him look petty and tyrannical. The action could have been argued to be justified based on a lack of state support.

    But hey, he’s winning while I’m armchair quarterbacking. Maybe he’s right.

  12. @moochoman February 23, 2018 at 10:22 am

    > Actually pulling ICE out of CA may be unconstitutional as the President is sworn to enforce all laws in all 50 states.

    However, it is Settled Law™ (subject to change without notice), that prioritizing is within discretionary powers. That’s why a known invader, with no known crimes beyond invasion, can be released as standard procedure. So, yes, abandoning California might(?) be unconstitutional (subject to United States Supreme Court ruling, and change without notice). But redeploying all but say, one, employee to “more pressing” duties, like guarding the Wisconsin/Canadian border, in summertime, is Settled Science™Law.

  13. Trump ought to use his pen and write orders that will selectively honor cities that have self stated sactuary status. He then increases the boarder checkpoints, enforcement in non-sancuary cities as well as increasing checks on routes between sanctuary cities. Also pen orders that deportations take place within 48 hours and any assets that the illegal has that can’t be taken with him (standard baggage limits apply) be sold and used to conver the cost of their transport out. Any left over is returned to them. After awhile the sanctuary cities will be overrun with illegals a large number of which will be committing crimes. They’d stay where they were for fear of being caught by ICE between cities and in no time the legal residents would be begging ICE to come back and booting out the Mayor, city council, the DA, the Police Chielf and anybody else who supported sanctuary. Oh, and the cities that weren’t designated as sanctuaries would all be voting GOP and Trump because their gang and crime problems as well as city expenses dropped dramatically with their cities becoming a safe place to walk again.

  14. Yes I love this idea also New York, Chicago fuc this ass people that want to keep criminals illegal aliens in that state.


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