Reminder: A Quarter of Attendees At Trump Rallies Aren’t Republican

The Hill

A campaign official for President Trump ’s 2020 campaign said Tuesday that roughly a quarter of those who attend his rallies identify as either a Democrat or an independent voter.
“That means these people — 25 percent of the people who are attending these rallies are disaffected voters, people who don’t feel like they’ve been part of the process for a long time,” Tim Murtaugh, the communications director of Trump’s reelection team, told Hill.TV during an appearance on “Rising.”

“This is not the president speaking only to his base — that’s a common misconception,” he added. More

4 Comments on Reminder: A Quarter of Attendees At Trump Rallies Aren’t Republican

  1. Trump is a populist, not a Republican. He is, in fact, the most successful populist in American history. As such, he’s the one thing that truly terrifies the D.C. careerists: an un-bribable man who works for the people and answers to us directly.

    That collection of self-serving ass nuggets in Washington, on the other hand, stopped working for the people before the ink was dry on the Constitution — never mind answering to us.

    If they thought they could get away with it, they’d already have tried to kill him. If he wins in 2020, as seems likely at this point, they will probably throw caution to the wind and try it anyway. If they succeed, it will tear the nation asunder.

  2. Only one man can save the Democratic party hopes for the white house.
    Drag out the man who yells: “The rent is too damn high!”
    He has an even money shot against that tiny car full of retards they have now

  3. Lazlo — You may have missed my comment a few days ago in which I wrote, “This would have definitely been the year for Pat Paulsen.” And I would add: “Dead or alive.”

    But “The rent is too damn high!” guy would stand an even chance, you’re right.

    On 1/4 of POTUS Trump’s rally attendees being D’s or I’s: Great, so long as they don’t drag their BS Progressive ignorance baggage along with them! I’ve seen what they’ve done to all the cities in this country. They vote according to what NPR says.


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