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  1. A true believer, as Stan Lee would say, of the Deep State’s privilege!

  2. Goodlatte’s questioning was a real disappointment; another limp-dick republican. Didn’t see Gowdy, but I hope it was better. Strzok was very well rehearsed.

  3. In science, there is a concept known as scientific bias where if a researcher believes a certain hypothesis to be true, then experimental results will tend to skew towards the truth of the hypothesis regardless of actual results. In designing experiments, real scientists go to great lengths to eliminate this bias. Experiments have also been conducted with regard to opinion polls; if the poll taker believes in one position, the results will be skewed towards that position even if a truly unbiased pollster comes up with a different result.

    Strzok tries to claim that even though he denounced and denigrated Trump in thousands of emails, his investigation was free of his personal bias. That is bullshit – Strzoks’s explicit bias against Trump could not have any other effect except to focus on Trump as an evil doer. Any decent investigator would try to eliminate his or her own personal bias when performing an investigation in order to reach unbiased conclusions; Strzok not only did nothing to eliminate his own bias, he doubled down on his exchanges with Page. All of Strzok’s investigative results are worthless.

  4. Tony R:
    I couldn’t agree more. Goodlatte had a decent opening statement but his questioning appeared totally unprepared whereas his democrat counterpart had a rapid fire which had the effect of exonerating Stroke, plus Goodlattes lack of control of the hearing was lame.

  5. “I don’t remember writing that text, but I *know* for sure what I meant by it.”
    Lyin’ Sack O’ Strzok

  6. The stalwart statesmen of our revered legislative chambers applying their steady hands to right our ship of state.

    Heartening, very heartening indeed.

    (that sound better, Czar?)

  7. And Rep. Steve Cohen (Demonrat) actually said the Strzok deserves a Purple Heart for his Resistance. Nauseating.

  8. watching Deep Staters Strzok, Rosenstein, et. al. lie w/ impunity & smugness is quite the eye-opener. they are showing that they have utter contempt for the United States, the Constitution & the rule of law … it’s no wonder they are always on the side of illegals, Communists & Socialists

    the entire Swamp needs to be drained. the Marxists need to be hunted down

    this country needs a reckoning

  9. MR. Strzok, your text messages in question exist within the context of an investigation that you are in charge of leading. They don’t exist separately from it. They cannot be dismissed as simple political banter that has no bearing on your investigation into the person who is the subject of said texts.

    Gomert “went there.” I was thinking Mr. Ross was going to during his line of questioning but he didn’t.

  10. Why do they even bother with him? No way the DOJ will ever prosecute him.

    Jeff Sessions, you are a fucking embarrassment.

  11. When you buy a new car, suddenly you notice how many of that type of car are on the road. It’s because subconsciously, you’re looking for them. If you are texting “f*ck Trump”, that will completely color your investigative ability–you will find corroborating evidence and ignore exonerating evidence.

  12. Isn’t the Left always telling us about unconscious bias? If unconscious bias exists, wouldn’t Strzok’s emails be evidence not only of conscious bias, but of deep-seated unconscious bias?

    Also, interesting that he finds Trump “disgusting” for Trump’s comments about the parents of a fallen soldier, but apparently has no problem with Hillary’s abandonment of those who lost their lives in Benghazi and her lying coverup.

  13. This whole Strzok investigation is a phuckin’ joke. How can one conduct a fair investigation when you despise the subject? Only a zombie or a democrat could believe that Strzok has no bias toward President Trump.
    But all the zombies are protecting the lying sack of shit.
    What a waste of time and money!
    Strezok should be fired. But I doubt it will happen.

  14. To HJ
    Because Trump & Co. (INCLUDING SESSIONS) already have the goods on Strzok et. al., and are simply getting the issues out in front of the public (which is *not* as “tuned-in” as you or I).

  15. To MoeTom
    AH HA! But THAT is EXACTLY the purpose of this Hearing: now the public sees Strzok say,
    “I was totally outraged at Trump’s scummy, filthy words to this Gold Star father…but I’m completely without bias.”
    Out of the mouth of babes….

    This Hearing isn’t a Trial; I see it more as a “grooming process.”

  16. Stzrok is one of the most arrogant sob’s I’ve ever seen.
    He believes he will walk out of there and never get punished in any way.
    The dems were embarrassing.

  17. I don’t care what the plan is, and I don’t think there is a huge advantage at this point in playing every card in a 5 deck rack. If there isn’t enough evidence in hand by now to start arresting and prosecuting these traitors I don’t believe there ever will be. It’s way past time for the white hats to quit allowing this circus to continue.

  18. @ Czar of Defenestration

    I’ve been hearing that line for months and months……yet no grand jury.
    Your optimism is admirable and encouraging but I’ve seen no evidence beyond grandstanding MSM interviews, BS Congressional hearings, empty threats of contempt of Congress, government attorneys defending the accused and the obstruction of evidence by the DOJ and FBI.

    The truthful and equal application of the law “trumps” any public perceptions. There appears to be a reluctance to indict by the FBI, DOJ and Sessions. Enough of the circus acts for the masses by Congress who are more concerned about their re-election than administering the law and indicting the wrong doers.

  19. cato, why, YES, there certainly appears to be…
    …I *do* believe that’s the whole idea.

    I’ll re-assess depending on developments by the Mid-Terms
    (my impression is that all activity/kabuki is ‘timed’ based on that).

    In the meanwhile, all the “Tokyo-Rose-ing” going on here and elsewhere just encourages people to stay home in November. Count me out.

  20. Imperator Rex from a few minutes ago: “Strzok is exactly what you would expect from the liberal elite : he’s arrogant, narcissistic and a man who thinks he’s above the rule of law.

    Far more Americans will now see Strzok for the SOB he is & better understand what he did. That’s the objective of these hearings.”

  21. Czar, I don’t think your describing those of us that are fed up as hell as “Tokyo-Rose-ing” or “stompy footed, keyboard warriors” is accurate. And I also disagree with your assumption that voicing our impatience will lead to low turnouts in the midterms. I for one will vote as often and in as many places as I can.

  22. Paul Sperry: “If the US Atty DC indicts McCabe, the entire conspiracy will be revealed.”

    Imperator Rex in response: “Sperry gets it BIGLY. This entire kabuki show is in advance of the gang being indicted. My bet? Trump will declassify everything required, at a time of his choosing. It’s a classic Trump move to wait and then hit his enemies hard.”

  23. Glad to hear YOU’RE voting, joe6pak. My concern is moreso about the random folks (lurkers?…!) reading our comments and absorbing the “all hope is lost” message.

  24. More fun observations from the Hearing
    From Sean Davis (found at DrawAndStrike): “Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor, is ripping the bark off of Strzok right now. “You claimed your personal bias never creeped into your work. So your 50,000 text message and attacks on Trump weren’t on an FBI phone on FBI time, right?” (They were on an FBI phone.)”


  25. From Czar: “I’ll re-assess depending on developments by the Mid-Terms
    (my impression is that all activity/kabuki is ‘timed’ based on that).”

    I know that you pay attention to these things and have the memory to form a story arc with a timeline of who did what and when.

    Most of the population has the attention span of a goldfish. This is not even mid July and the midterms are in November.

    Unless there will be continuous investigations and testimony, more really scathing observations (and dictionary explanations like I heard today from Gowdy) to keep this front and center. Which carries an even bigger risk.

    A sense of FOCK. Fatigued Over Congressional Krap. It will get tuned out as undesirable background noise that just won’t stop.

  26. I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but, did you realize that what I said is not necessarily what I meant.

  27. Democrat idiot Swalwell from California just brought up Donald Trump asking Russians to get Hillary’s missing emails.
    Morons have no sense of humor.

  28. Smarmgrease. It’s probably not even a real word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind when I see that maggot strozaksucker.

  29. Constant smirking and long winded answers that were incomprehensible is what I noticed in morning and later on in day after I got back home out of Strozk or whatever he is. Disgusting!

  30. When you petition the government for redress of grievances, like this guy walking the streets a free man and they ignore us, there’s not much left to lay down justice.

    I’ll just say it’s a big world to get lost in. Be a shame if he does a Judge Crater.

  31. Questions asked:

    Did Stroke lie to his wife while smirking like that and…

    Is Steve Cohen still fucking his not-daughter?

    Mrs. Guevara had the misfortune of being around Cohen on several occasions when he was still an attorney prior to running for Congress and said he sexually harassed her a number of times as well as any other female who had the misfortune to get caught alone with him.

    Because he’s a bald, gaptoothed, bug-eyed scumbag sexual predator who makes Bill Cosby look like Don Juan.

    Nobody in the media want to peek into Cohen’s past and/or present? Any man that fugly in power has to either abuse people or pay for it to get any action.


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