The Dark History of ‘Gender Theory’ – IOTW Report

The Dark History of ‘Gender Theory’

Crowder exposes the revolting and twisted history behind ‘Gender Theory’.

9 Comments on The Dark History of ‘Gender Theory’

  1. And that about sums up how freakish every university and college has become who teach this nonsense. There is almost zero proof of anything espoused in the “Social Sciences.”

  2. It has completely infested every level of gov too especially within the military and all the fall out we are getting here at the VA.

  3. I want to know what is the difference between that theorist and Jos. Mengele? And Alfred Kinsey was also a major nut job who laid the foundation of human sexuality — and even today no one seems to seriously question his so-called “studies.”

  4. I have fun with this gender shit. Go to the zoo sometime and loudly proclaim the monkey masturbating is really gender neutral. Or say, awe, it wishes it had a vagina!


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