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Updates on the Shooting at Annapolis Maryland Office of Capital Gazette Newspaper

CTH: At approximately 2:30pm EDT a gunman entered the offices of Baltimore Sun subsidiary Capital Gazette in Annapolis Maryland.  According to media reporting: •5 fatalities, •numerous victims shot; •shooter captured by police; Report: •white male, in his late 30’s; shotgun used.
Suspect identified as 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos, who unsuccessfully sued the Capital Gazette for defamation in 2012.

With the suspect named as 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos, a surname that generally works against the preferred narrative [Twitter Here], the media engineers will likely begin to avoid further exhaustive coverage:   From 2015:

Maryland’s second-highest court last week upheld a ruling in favor of Capital-Gazette Communications, a former reporter and a former publisher accused of defamation.

Jarrod Ramos of Laurel made the defamation claim in Prince George’s County Circuit Court in 2012 after a 2011 column by then-Capital staff writer Eric Hartley about Ramos’ guilty plea to criminal harassment. READ MORE


MORE from CBS News:

[…] According to an unreported 2015 opinion filed in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Ramos pleaded guilty to criminal harassment in July 2011. Five days later, an article about the case appeared in The Capital, one of Capital Gazette’s publications. The story detailed accusations by a woman who said Ramos harassed her online and off for months, calling her employer and trying to get her fired. The woman eventually went to the police and Ramos pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment in 2011.

The Twitter account that matches Ramos’ name began tweeting about Capital Gazette several months after the conviction.

In July 2012, Ramos filed suit against Capital Gazette for defamation, according to the 2015 court filing. The complaint was just four paragraphs long, but Ramos filed a longer 22-page claim several months later.

In 2012, a judge dismissed the lawsuit on the basis that “there is absolutely not one piece of evidence, or an assertion by you that the statement [in the article] was false.”


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  1. The cops are there in 60 seconds and all those people shot?
    As fine a job the police do, if you are lucky. I don’t think you are safe unarmed for 1 second.
    Exhibit A

  2. Fox News reported earlier tonight (Shannon Bream) that he was a federal employee at the US Dept. of Labor. This along with Uncle Al’s description completes the profile of a lunatic democrat and Obama approved hire.

  3. By the looks of his twitter feed, this guy would likely have been a known threat, very much “on the radar.” Is this another one that maybe the FBI dropped the ball on because they were too busy having affairs and screwing each other?

  4. If he wasn’t already registered I bet the dems were saying “we could use a man like that”.

  5. I am APPALLED by the way the media – including White House reporters – immediately blamed this shooting on Trump. Somehow, their hate filled and distorted reporting that encourages crazies makes them a victim because he calls out their fake news stories.

    This grudge started in 2012 under Obama. Isn’t OBAMA to blame?

    They gleefully report Maxine Waters encouraging mob action against Trump supporters. They are sympathetic to Peter Fonda urging sex attacks by pedophiles on Trump children. They’re delighted with DiNero using the Tonys to yell “F Trump”. They promote 600 being arrested at the Capital for what Obama did.

    When a crazie attacks a newsroom they play the victim.

    I’ve been so active responding to these dishonest reporters on Twitter I’m probably on a watch list. Oh well, maybe jail is a good retirement plan – 3 hots and a cot, medical care and all the books I can read.

  6. “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.” – one of the interviewed employees, after the shooting.

    One person with a pistol. That’s all it would have taken to reduce the number of dead.

  7. Does anybody else think it’s odd he tried to remove his fingerprints when he would obviously be recognized by the newspaper staff?

  8. I was listening to CNN radio (the client’s choice) as the shooting was happening. CNN tried to blame Trump before ANY info was released. (They are truly unhinged.) The client immediately started parroting saying that Trump is getting reporters killed.

    I just sat there and smiled. Why? Because I care more about getting paid then peoples opinions. Because I’m professional.

  9. Another story on IOTW springs to mind . . .
    “UK: Labour Party is using mentally vulnerable people as violent attack dogs”

  10. “Have the crackpots called it an “assault shotgun” yet?”

    Oddly enough, we have not heard from Shotgun Joe Biden yet.

  11. The real crime is that there is no law requiring that the shell casing be stamped with the serial number of the shot gun.


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