Welp– There Goes Samuel Adams Beer

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If you love Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and want to help the ACLU, you can raise a glass of Sam Adams.

Boston Beer Co. will release next week “When There Are Nine,” a Belgian Brut IPA dedicated to the jurist and liberal rock star, according to a Thursday report in the Boston Globe.

The title is “inspired by her famous response to the question ‘When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court?’” the company wrote at an Eventbrite page announcing the launch.

“(We wanted to name it Brut Bader Ginsburg but our legal team, uh, dissented),” the brewer joked.

According to the Globe, the Ginsburg-inspired beer is a “pink boots release,” an annual nonprofit event March 29 to support female brewers and beer-industry workers.

“When There Are Nine” will be made public then at the Sam Adams taproom in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. Besides some of the brew’s sales going to the Pink Boots Society, the event will have “a plank contest to benefit the ACLU’s Women’s Right Project, which Justice Ginsburg founded earlier in her career.”


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  1. I’ll be curious to see how their sales react to this idea. Politics and business are two things that shouldn’t mix.

  2. I don’t like beer and my husband likes Shipyard so….
    I’m sure Howie Carr will have fun with this one.

  3. Jellybean MARCH 22, 2019 AT 4:40 PM
    Why are some companies so stupid as to show their political bias??

    Nothing is free. There is a pay-off somewhere. Or some asshole politician will give them a bailout with our money when the company when it fails

  4. “When there are nine” beer has significant side effects….you turn into a skinny, slumped over crone. You sleep through important meetings. You develop several forms of cancer. Have a general stench of moth balls and 3 day old lavender toilet water and 65% of the country thinks your dumb…..

  5. Great, let’s limit the number of women, which would include all leftist males, to nine total then raise the total number of justices to twenty!

  6. I haven’t had a Sam Adams since the company pulled support for Saint Patrick’s Day parade due to it’s LBGTQ wokeness.

  7. David’s right. They boycotted a parade a few years ago over some gay pride shit.

    I’m shocked they haven’t put out a Nat Turner Porter or a Nut Brown’s Ale Rebellion.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. My uber-liberal east coast in-laws gave me a Samuel Adams beer once. After my reaction, they never tried it again.
    About 20 yrs ago, I was sitting in Logan airport with a co-worker from England. We both tried a SA beer. It tasted something that neither of us could put our finger on. It was horrible for a beer, but we were determined to forge ahead try and identify what it tasted like. My friend came up with the answer. CHERRY COKE ! A beer that tasted like cherry coke. Even the bartender had to agree. A frooking beer that tastes like cherry coke…
    Sam Adams must be spinning in his grave at 3600 RPM.

  10. Currently, there are three too many women on the Supreme Court. And that has nothing to do with their “gender”.

    (And I really wish the ACLU would go back to its long-time mission of defending pornographers.)

  11. It’s an IPA. The beer for posers and skinny jean wearing hipsters. All those IPA’s are hopped out the ass so there is no need to craft something that might be subjected to actual scrutiny. Because you can’t taste anything past the hopps. Except maybe the citrous in a few of those train wrecks.

    And no, that citrius tang isn’t from fruit. It’s particular yeast strains that do that. Fruit costs too much. Yeast fucks itself and makes more while you sleep, long as you keep it fed.

  12. In all fairness, Boston Lager is a fair (mass produced) representation of a bottom fermented middle of the road example of what it is.

    Which is still not an Ale.

    Then again, they make that seasonal Pumpkin shit which ought to get the brewery rolled like the principal’s house on graduation night.

  13. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a black-robed, devilish poltergeist. Dead or alive she just keeps annoyingly appearing, real or not.
    Synonyms for poltergeist
    apparition, bogey (also bogie), familiar spirit, ghost, hant [dialect], haunt [chiefly dialect], materialization, phantasm (also fantasm), phantom, shade, shadow, specter (or spectre), spirit, spook, sprite, vision, visitant, wraith

  14. Typical current yankee swill and logic. Market liberal peter puffer queer beer and queer reasoning to feed their left bent. Glad I left the east coast long ago. You can keep your high taxes , your holier than thou polizie and stuff your full blown immigration saturation up your you know what.

  15. ‘The Famous Narrangansett since 1890′ – official beer of the clam, made on honor, sold on spirit’

    Hi Neighbor!


  16. I used to drink Dogfish Head 120 IPA by the gallon, but they stopped making it. I moved over to Flying Dog Double Dog, but when I moved out of MD I could no longer get it.

    Sam turned fag. Oh well.

  17. As most have said, Sam Adams (have not found a version yet) is not all that great a beer. There is no need to even drink the stuff, let alone support the predictably partisan Ginsburg.

  18. Sam Adams beer is like the guy with no money who buys a 2400 dollar grill. I mean the type of grill on which one cooks food. The guy with the 7 foot TV who can’t afford popcorn. The guy making a hotrod in his backyard whilst his wife drives a Ford Pinto with 3 flat tires.

    It’s dickhead beer.




    “Because it takes a 12 pack to give you a buzz? WTF?”

  19. stopped drinking SA when they pulled sponsorship in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC because the Parade has a rule that sez all floats must be green & they wouldn’t let the homos use a rainbow float

    btw, HeinieCan did too

  20. …..SHHHHHSSSH!!!….Left hand brewing milk stout nitro….It’ll make your tongue slap your brain silly…..my little retarded liquor store sold out of it (because of me) and it isn’t back yet…..AND SHE DON’T KNOW WHY?…..LOL…bless her heart….

  21. Down with both the Boston Beer Company and the Notorious R.B.G. Up with the Prescott Brewing Company. Excellent beer and great food. Moreover, it does not broadcast the owners’ political leanings, whatever they might be. Happily, Prescott remains a conservative town, although the invading Kalifornicators are trying their best to ruin it as they already have Kalifornia.

  22. Yuengling, City Steam, etc., plenty of great American made ambers.

    Sam Adams would puke.

    “It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce the people to Ignorance and
    Vice. For they cannot live in any Country where Virtue and Knowledge
    prevail. The religion and public Liberty of a People are intimately
    connected; their Interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately;
    and therefore they rise and fall together. For this Reason, it is always
    observable, that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties,
    practice every Art to poison their Morals”. Sam Adams

  23. @B.N. Venidos

    Bohemia beer….excellent choice…It’s the best thing to come out of Mexico since….um, since….Caesar Salad and Lupe Valez (the Mexican Spitfire).

  24. “I believe I’ll be having a Yuengling
    America’s oldest brewery turns 190 this year


    I usually don’t drink beer but when there is no vodka / tonic I drink a Yuengling. I even have a few in the fridge for a different drink once in awhile. SA can kiss my butt…


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