Why I’m Ready To Buy a Gun – Christine Flowers


I’d need a permit. And lessons on how to shoot, a place to keep it safe, and a way to overcome the fear that I’d shoot myself.

I’m not a natural gun owner.

But it’s time to take my life into my own hands, forget about all of the anti-gun rhetoric that I hear bandied about by those who exploit tragedy for their own political purposes, and make 2019 the year that I stop expecting others to look out for me.

It seems that we’ve become a society where criminals and alleged criminals are given an outsized amount of sympathy. Even President Trump just touted his criminal justice reform package. While I don’t think the solution is an old-style Dodge City shootout, it’s dawned on me that I might need something more than my persuasive personality as protection.

Then, the other day, a fellow who called me a fascist posted something on my Facebook page that transcends First Amendment protections.

…the person who posted on my Facebook page shared a photo of a young boy standing over a priest he’d just shot through the forehead. He also made some comments that I found personally threatening, and I called the police. It was the first time I’d ever done that.

Many years ago, my aunt’s ex husband came to our house looking for her. When my mother told him she wasn’t there, he put a gun to her forehead. By the grace of God and superhuman calm, she talked him down.

I used to believe that kind of courage was all I’d need. Not anymore.


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  2. Bill
    A very reliable gun that comes any many configurations. The tactical version with a short barrel is a good home defense weapon.

  3. Born and raised in the ever confused state of MD.
    In 1989 a media hyped rumor went around about gun confiscation laws.
    So I bought from a co-worker a ridiculous firearm, which you could do back then, and still today as they still exist, like at private owner gun-shows.
    Fired it twice, a 357 magnum revolver.
    After 4 years thought about why,,,I did not carry it, better not to come home for someone else to find and use it, on me especially.
    In the moment, as described above,,
    Dice rolls,
    If only a legal vote from a real US citizen mattered, lead would be meaningless.

  4. Bill

    I wouldn’t buy the one with just the pistol grip, For a few reasons, recoil management, getting back on target, and accuracy. Even though it’s a shotgun you still need to be able to get on target.

  5. ‘Welcome to 1985, sweety! And I grew up in rural NC! Still glad to have you aboard.’
    Best to you as well, Bob M!
    and all here as well sincerely.

  6. Why I’m ready to buy another gun:
    1. You can never have too many guns.
    2. I enjoy shooting.
    3. I want to and I can.

  7. Unless you’re a sportsman or a firearms enthusiast, a gun is merely a tool/machine to use.

    Get good with it as you would any tool/machine you use in your life – like your car, or skis, or your tennis racket, or your golf clubs. Take lessons.

    The hardest challenge with a firearm is having the will to kill, and the wherewithal when to actually know when or when not to do it.

    Just get training like you would driver training for one of your children.

  8. Must admit, the 12 gauge single break, cheap as F’ Savage brought a lot of enjoyment.
    It blown the S’ out of a lot so well!
    Still got it, so maybe think twice,
    best to all

  9. Training is important. Getting good with a gun is an acquired skill. It’s also a perishable one. In my opinion there are more shitty trainers out there right now than good ones. If you’re close to Front Sight, or Thunder Mountain, use them. If not and you rely on an individual ask questions. What’s their background? The best shooters I shoot with seem to be ex marines. POST Certified cops are good. A quality trainer is going to start his or her course off with gun safety and then spend an hour or two on proper grip and trigger control. Ask around at some of the gun stores. See who they recommend.

  10. PS
    You can’t get the training you need standing in a lane shooting paper at your local rifle range. Eventually you will need to shoot and move. So ask where they train.

  11. Bill
    Hubby has a 14” barrel Mossberg pump12 ga pistol grip and says it works fine if you let your arms take the impact of the discharge.

  12. Bill –

    Since I’m here…I’ll chuck in my 2 cents.

    The Mossberg 500 & Remington 870 are two damn fine no frills shotguns. Solid and reliable.

    Lots of aftermarket accessories for both if you’re so inclined.

    Used ones are fairly cheap.

  13. …a man once told me that “you only need one more gun”, @cato…

    …this is regardless of how many you have, or how soon you bought the last one, you need one more…

    …that man was my gun dealer, and he’s absolutely correct…

  14. @ Poor Lazlo I picked up my .54 caliber Lyman Plains rifle from the gunsmith yesterday. I’ll be taking a bear with it in Northern Idaho in May. Can’t wait!

  15. @FarmWife:

    Hubby has a 14” barrel Mossberg pump12 ga pistol grip…

    If that’s not a Shockwave or similar thing, I sure hope he’s got the tax stamp for it. Usually, the minimum barrel length for a shotgun is 18″ but there are some shotgun-like things classified as an “any other weapon” but IIRC they also require tax stamps, although those are cheap.

  16. what is a natural gun owner?

    … & lesson #1: if you fear that you’ll shoot yourself …. don’t point the gun at yourself

  17. I like Remington 870 myself. Brad is correct a ton of crappy trainers out there. Go to local gun range ask if they can recommend someone. If you buy hand gun become proficient shooting with both hands.in the secret service its mandatory to become expert with both hands.
    If you live in NW Indiana I’d be happy to help anyone. Saving yourself and family is worth the investment. I also spend time in NC if anyone lives there. No charge I love to shoot.

  18. Hey Brad
    I want another 9mm. I have a Glock 23 and wondered if any of those conversion barrels were worth trying or just buy a 19 or some such pistol. Have a sig 938 but wNt a larger pistol in that caliber.

  19. I have not heard any reviews on the conversion barrels. If it were me I would by another gun. A G19 is my constant companion. I love the dang thing. A set of Dawson sites are almost mandatory on a Glock. It’ll take your 25 yard group from the size of your hand down to all in the 10 ring. I like them so much I put them on my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special.


  20. 18″ is the shortest legal shotgun barrel in the US.

    I like to back myself against a wall in home defense training. Let the wall take the recoil. Just my personal choice.

  21. I❤️GUNS –

    I totally agree w/Brad. Get another gun.

    I’ve never been a fan of Glocks, don’t like the name. It sounds like you’re trying to hock up a loogey. I know…but hey that’s just me. I’m sure they are fine instruments.

    I like my Beretta and Springfield. They both feel comfortable in my hand.

    Some people like Fords, others Chevy’s, some Dodges. Same with guns.

  22. .45-70

    You know they took over the Dan Wesson line. A Custom Bob Tail commander is basically an Ed Brown at half the price. And now they’re producing some 9 mil 1911’s that are just too damn sexy.
    I need to buy a bigger safe.

    Joe6 has a custom bob tail. We should go crash, I mean visit.

  23. Now is a good time to crash/visit, I’m the only one home for a couple days. Strange how quiet the house can be. I s’pose I could fire off a few rounds to liven things up a little.

  24. Anytime is good here….it’s just me.

    I got a 900 yd range, a separate 540 yd range. And over a mile of treed creek bottom. Plenty of huge cottonwoods to shoot in two.

    All 4 miles from home. Nearest inhabited house a mile away.

  25. 45-70

    Yes, and that dumb ass grip. These guns seem to be a well kept secret. I have a Custom Bobtail in the shops safe I need to transfer into my name. Been there for about 9 months. I guess I should get on it.

  26. I bought a new Mossberg cheap years ago at Dicks! Don’t regret the gun at all, too bad they’re a bunch of dicks now.
    Great gun, bagged me many pheasants. Also shredded paper at the range in big chunks using slugs. Fun fun.

  27. Been biting my tongue. If you plan on defending your home with your back against the wall with a shot gun you stand a good chance of dying. If your defending your home against some dumb ass drug dealer, you stand a good chance of winning that fight.
    Try that shit on someone that knows how to slice the pie and you will die. You guys need to go buy a pistol, and get trained.

    JTuck, back me up here.

  28. Bad Brad…
    I agree if you have to back yourself against the wall in a home invasion to shoot a shotgun you have lost the fight.
    Get a handgun. Something you can handle.

  29. The very best tip for home defense is to practice “instinctive shooting” regardless of the choice of weapon.

    For those unfamiliar with the term it means shooting without aligning sights.

    It’s very important that you become comfortable and proficient at doing so, most importantly because in many situations there may not be enough light to use sights.
    There are many more reasons but trust me on this one.

  30. ANON

    “he hardest challenge with a firearm is having the will to kill”
    Was never hard for me. When it was either me or him/her I never hesitated a nanosecond. And as Tom Clancy said decades ago NO REMORSE.

    If you can not kill than do not own weapons! Let us coarse guys defend you. As NO BLUSHES said way up there if you dont kill with it they will take it from you to kill you!

  31. Couple of years ago there was a snake in the goose house.
    I ran (kinda quick-waddled) back to the (people) house and grabbed my .44 and then ran back to the goose house and shot Mr. Snake.

    Want some free advice? Don’t shoot in an enclosed area without ear protection!
    Head rang for a half-hour or so.
    (oh, that was one of the pistols I lost in that horrible ferry accident)

    izlamo delenda est …

  32. If you are concerned w/the recoil of a 12 gauge with a pistol grip shockwave or other weapon, get the 20 gauge and shoot #4 or #6 copper turkey loads or #5 buckshot, if in a room it will fill a door sized area quite well and the pattern spread will insure anyone coming through it will get hit, unless the perps are wearing ballistic vests they will bleed out quite quickly.


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