Will Mika Brzezinski Be Fired For Homophobic Slur?

Ohhhhhh. Bad choice of words.

Case closed then.

When does this defense work for the right?

 We could boycott the show but the ratings already suck. Mika will have time to get another facelift during her reprimand by MSNBC. Problem is she already has hair on her chin from the last one.

I think you should be fired with no chance of a job for the remainder of your life. Thats what Dems think so it should apply to you as well. You really aren’t a very bright woman. I guess Durbin agreed with your comment. What a pair you are!
So a comedian uses poor choice of words years ago, apologizes, and still has to resign from hosting job but a “journalist” uses a poor choice of words today, apologizes, and that’s good?…
You need to be handled like Kevin Hart and that kid who won the Heisman. Those are the rules, Mika.

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  1. Well, if it weren’t for me reading this here, I and MILLIONS of other Americans would never have heard of it as hardly anyone watches the Mother of All Dogs and her comical side kick Beaker.

  2. Mueller will have to indict another cabinet official on Russia collusion to distract.

    Zbigniew is clapping in Hell for his mutant globalist sprogcunt.

  3. What! Has Mika just accused Secretary of State Pompeo of being an Islamic gaybo? Am I reading this correctly? She can’t survive insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Not in this day and this age of political correctness. On the other hand, if she’s just insulting President Donald J. Trump and the Secretary of State, for supporting the hard line, murderous Saudis, that’s just fine with the MSDM. This too shall pass. So it is written, so it will be. Peace be on Mika and Joe, since they are proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is an infectious disease.

  4. This non-story is some how Trump’s fault.

    Muslims kill homosexuals and oppress women every day, yet they want to whine about a JOURNALIST?

    No one cares really…

  5. Mika ‘misspoke’.
    Wannabe dictator butt boy is about obama.

    And it’s not pejorative, it’s accurately descriptive.

  6. .45 – 70: Mika Virus. Will Joe regret going all the way with Mika? I like to think that they really deserve one another. Like Charles Manson and his girlfriends.

    They sure look like a committed couple these days. As in committed to hosting the best display of the effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome in all the MSDM. They make Chris Cuomo look like a reasonable lunatic.

  7. WORDS like that just don’t materialize. She most likely uses that term as part of her every day vocabulary. She will give a heart felt apology and the progs will look the other way. The left doesn’t have a double standard, they have no standard at all.

  8. She better hope that video of her sucking a donkey’s dick down in Mexico many years ago doesn’t surface all of a sudden!

  9. Sounds like she likes Butt play with Joe.
    One by one they all will keep going off the deep end with their hate of all things P. Trump.

  10. As a liberal, she can get away with it. Let a conservative make the same comment on any network except for FOX, and their job would be in jeopardy.


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