Evidence of Trump Inroads Into the Black Community

October 26, 2016 BFH 3

The left has been scoffing that Trump has made inroads into their “in-the-back-pocket” black vote. I think there is more to this than left knows. The people in this video might be using harsh language, and they might not like him for the greatest of reasons, [Read More]

Obama Is Skinny-Neck Deep in the Hillary Email Scandal

October 26, 2016 BFH 4

Townhall- When the New York Times revealed that Hillary Clinton conducted official government business over an unsecure, improper, national security-endangering email server last March, President Obama told Americans that he discovered this fact on the news, just like everyone else. When top Hillary aide (and recipient of a highly [Read More]

There’s a sucker, literally, born every day

October 26, 2016 BFH 8

A wedding photographer who scammed people, by not fulfilling his photographic obligations, moved on to an even bolder scam. He looks pretty self-satisfied in his booking photo. (He needs his butt kicked.)  

Hillary’s Birthday Surprise?

October 26, 2016 BFH 16

It’s October 26th. Will Wikileaks do what they promised months ago? When the FBI concluded its investigation into WikiLeaks’ treasure trove of Hillary Clinton emails, the whistleblowing organization taunted them with this tweet. Follow WikiLeaks ✔@wikileaks The FBI did not ask us for copies of [Read More]

Crabs Cure?

October 25, 2016 BFH 25

Not really sure what I’m witnessing, but this is the kind of stuff explorers would see and write about in journals. Now it’s here. Thanks. During this backwater ballet, a “dancer” lights her crotch on fire. When she returns full of bandages it’s like a [Read More]

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