Mayor Gimme!

January 17, 2019 MJA 1

Bill de Blasio says that New York’s wealth is “in the wrong hands”—except when those hands are donating to his campaigns. City Journal: Mayor Bill de Blasio ratcheted up his [Read More]

I hope it was a derringer

January 16, 2019 BFH 16

Police find gun hidden in man’s butt during strip search. LOUISIANA (KRON) – Deputies at a Louisiana Jail found a gun hidden in the buttocks of a man who was arrested [Read More]

Cortez Embraces Zimbabwe-Economics

January 16, 2019 MJA 25

Dan Bongino: Answering the question of how she’ll fund the cradle-to-grave welfare state programs she desires for America had been a question that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez shied away from on the [Read More]

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