Isn’t there ONE person in this parade who stops and asks, “what the hell are we doing?”

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  1. Enough. I no longer care about the survival of the human race. I want the end to come soon, very soon. Let a giant asteroid clobber the planet. Let the mega-volcano under Yellowstone blast the global ecosystem into oblivion. Loose the super-virus with a 99% kill rate. Unleash Lucifer and his legions of the damned to swarm over every land and clime. I’ve had it with this miserable specie.

    Bring it on.

  2. Lemmings anyone?
    Beyond the anger, it makes one sad that the flag wavers calling for tolerance and diversity are allowed to ruin young lives without recompense. One day, the heavens shall open and rain fire and brimstone down on these smug bastards and they will pay their dues.
    Tolerance is no virtue. . . .

  3. What amazes me most is after all that, if they confess and turn from their sin trust in Christ He will forgive and save them! Amazing grace indeed!

  4. Theft of innocence. Just one of the more egregious crimes these sick and twisted scum foist upon the young.

  5. Imagine this were the other way around and this was a bunch of patriots walking down the street in a parade with flags, AR-15s, etc, and children. Just how fast would the Leftraitors scream?

  6. By the looks on the children’s faces, they could be asking the question. I see horror, disbelief, many looking away, disgust, but no smiles or smirking.

    Perhaps by displaying their depravity, progressives are educating the next generation of prudes. Remember, many children turn away their parenting.

  7. I just saw an ad for the upcoming olympics featuring a handsome (although heavily tattooed) athlete. One of the shots with voiceover was him “representing his community” with him wrapping himself in a rainbow flag. I’m not a big Olympics junky but it’s a sure turn off for me having to know that he’s a homo. Now I hope he looses bigly.

  8. Will the same twitter crusaders who shamed the Charlottesville marchers and got them fired make sure Mr. Leather is out of work next week? Oh, wait, he’s probably a teacher and the union will defend him.

  9. What does the Bible say about those leading little ones astray? Something about a millstone around the neck and deep water?

  10. Take a look at the looks on their faces. They’re bored. That’s the real danger of this nonsense. A generation that’s so sick of having depraved sex shoved in their faces that they turn completely against it. The left isn’t ready for that. But that’s what they’re going to get.
    Get ready to kiss your sexual revolution goodbye and say hello to the new puritan age, proggies.

  11. We need a new generation of ‘Regulators’ to bust up crap like this.
    I think these leash wearing perverts would look good with some cane welts.
    It would do those kids a world of good to see the evil bastards get the shit kicked out of them

  12. I read recently that more teenagers are deciding that underage premarital sex is not something they want to be a part of. I think the theory that they are bored of the in your face depravity in our culture might be correct! Kids rebel against what society tries to cram down their throats. In our sick society, prudence is rebellion.

  13. I miss the 60s and early 70s, when a swarm of hard-hatted construction workers would wade into that procession and stomp the living shit out of them.

  14. As mentioned, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can forgive them, but He is rejected.

    Meanwhile, the Left adores muslims who will give these homosexual perverts lessons in aerodynamics and inelastic collisions.

  15. Their body language speaks volumes. Their flags are not being waved – they’re being shouldered. Their expressions remind me of the faces of German citizens walking by holocaust victims at the end of WWII.

    You asked, “Isn’t there one person in this parade who stops and asks ‘What the hell are we doing?'” I say there are at least three children asking themselves that very thing.

  16. If you lived in Sodom or Gomorrah, what would be your best course of action? Distance yourself as fast and far as you can!!

    Take your cue from The Lord’s Prayer, in its proper translation:
    ~~~~Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
    Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive them that trespass against us.
    >>>>>And lead us not into temptation, But rescue us from THE EVIL ONE. <<<<<

    ΡΥΣΑΙ = rescue us, or herd us (stupid sheep that we are)

    Don't be a sheep following the lost herd !!!!!

  17. Phaggots are wasting no time using their growing freedom to remind us all why they were beaten into the closet millennia ago. They ruin everything. They insist in painting everything and everybody around them with the vomit of their internal corruption. It gets tiresome pretty quickly.

  18. I wrote this on a lunch break back on August 27th. Seems fitting now.

    Leftism is like a parade where, at its beginning, you’re presented with the banner of Multiculturalism, Tolerance, and Inclusion for everything different.

    As the parade continues, you see a myriad of characters have joined in, all smiling, waving, and encouraging you to join in the celebration. But you begin to notice that the groups and individuals who make up the Parade have become increasingly bizarre, absurd, and outright dangerous.

    You decide you no longer want to be a spectator to the madness displayed before you, so you grab your kids and begin to leave. But here comes the finale of the Leftist Parade: The Grand Marshal bellows through the loudspeaker informing you that no one is allowed to leave the Parade and, in fact, you must participate and not merely be a spectator; all who do not comply will suffer the consequences at the hands of the festively adorned, cheerful looking clowns roaming the sidelines.

    This is the inevitable end of what began as tolerant and inclusive. You must celebrate what’s being paraded before you. You must “bake the cake” or you will be destroyed.

  19. I think the children are asking themselves, “Who the HELL got me into this parade, anyway? Can’t wait ’til I’m 18 and can get out of my sick family!”

  20. All of us are sinners and some of us are saved from God’s wrath by and under grace through Jesus but those in this crowd are not. And furthermore these demon possessed souls are Hell bound along with everyone on this planet who participates in or approves of this kind of behavior and life style.

    So, look at these faces of the damned and pity them.

  21. I think the kids are learning that their parents are deeply screwed up people.

    What they will do with that knowledge is anybody’s guess.

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