Oss Off

Handel Wins.

That makes the dems 0-for-ever since Trump won.

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  1. Another $30MM on the pyre!! Hip hip hooray!!
    (Isn’t this how we defeated the U.S.S.R.?)

    Winning!! Winning!! Winning!!!!!!

  2. Now the mantra from The Ministry of Truth is…….Oh, these elections were closer than expected.

    Hahaha……They outspent Handel 7x and still lost.



  4. Of course, the New York Times spin machine hits 134% peak rotational velocity with their headline:

    “Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, Narrowly Misses Outright Win in Georgia House Race”

  5. And some on the right are still not seeing what is happening.
    Trump put a shovel to the dem party.
    Instead of embracing it they are going to pull the dems out of the ash heap because the person kicking the dems ass isn’t “THEIR PICK.”

    This is what we’ve been up against all along.
    Screw em right next to their taint pimple.

  6. This streak is going to end because of the right, not the left.
    This really could be a revolution if the butt hurt would simply
    support the president.

  7. Ossoff could have done better if he would have let the voters know that he has a vagina, just like Hillary.

  8. They didn’t spend enough money
    They didn’t get out the vote
    They didn’t properly communicate their narrative
    The other side cheated
    The Russians…

    Anything but that their agenda has once again been rejected by the voters. And of course, not a mandate.

  9. i looked for a video with CNN announcing they lost. Wanted to see their reaction. I’ve seen the still shots.

    Cant find it. Help? Anyone???

  10. Laughing my OSS OFF!


    Somebody said, ‘$35 million can’t buy you the election, but it can rent you winning poll numbers right up to Election Day!’ Meanwhile, $35,000,000 of democrat contributions bobs away merrily in the septic tank of defeat.

    This wasn’t just a stomping of a single Pajama Boy, it was also a wake up call to the Republican house and senate, telling them that the people are with our President – where the hell are YOU? Excuse time is over. It’s time for results. Deliver, or we’ll replace you.

  11. This is what happens when the dems cant cook the election with illegals and voter registration fraud.

    7500 people from CA donated, 800 or so from Georgia donated to the loser. Millions of dollars pissed away on a willard look-alike. Typical government operation.

  12. Frankie MacDonald of Nova Scotia
    Best Timing Weatherman at 8:11 pm
    From 30 Days Out
    All Hail
    Downlanta Georgia
    Rubber Boots
    Loud Thunder
    Chain Lightning
    Order your Pizzas
    Get Cases of Coke
    Unplug Everything
    Don’t walk in Puddles
    Charge your Galaxies

    More POPCORN
    Just For You…
    “Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0”

    โ€” Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 21, 2017

  13. BFH: “This streak is going to end because of the right, not the left. This really could be a revolution if the butt hurt would simply support the president.”

    They are what I call primary babies.

    I refocused towards Trump, most everyone I know has. What the hell, admit you were wrong in the primaries and let’s fuel this train! Don’t we want to win our values?

  14. “This streak is going to end because of the right, not the left.”

    Watch the Ryan race. I bet he goes down to the conservative.

  15. I am worried all these W’s will make the RINOs complacent – they need to realize that there better be some support of Trump’s policies legislatively before the 2018 election

  16. Gloating, I never get tired of it. That CNN panel looks like they all ate a crap sammich! Tastes sooooooo good! Gloating some more!

  17. It was the rain. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And what causes rain, boys and girls?

    That’s right, Pajama Boy lost because of GLOBAL WARMING!

  18. CNN just had up on screen that the Republicans spent $339,000,000 and the dems spent $5,300,000 dollars in the 6th district in Georgia.
    Fake news , no just a flat out lie.

  19. How I would love to have been with our President this evening, watching the election results!

    Mr. President, keep winning for us! I promise to let you know when it’s too much winning, but that won’t happen soon.

    What the hell must it be like to be a lib, with full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, pinning all your hopes on the outcome of this election, after three soul destroying, ignominious defeats following the general election, and now FOUR. I’ve run out of popcorn.

    I’m ready for more winning!!!

    Make America Great Again!

  20. The polling “expert” on most of the local news in Atlanta (Matt Towery) said after declaring Handel the winner that many democrat party insiders were telling him that Ossoff did so well that they are pushing for him to run for GA governor now. And he said it with a straight face.

    Just what GA needs in a governor – a wet behind the ears 30 year old that has never held a real job and who exudes all the gravitas of a pez dispenser.

  21. I have MAJOR MAGA WOOD right now.

  22. #NeverTrumpers are a bunch of ASSHOLES! If you didn’t campaign against the now PRESIDENT TRUMP, he would’ve overcame the crooked “popular vote” and the Dems wouldn’t even be a party today. President Trump still needs our HELP!

  23. Between the primary, election and election run off Dems spent a rumored $50 million+. 259,488 voters – that’s approximately $200 per voter. You should’ve knocked on doors and handed them $200 for their vote.

  24. Excuses that I’ve read, so far: “The machines are rigged.” “Georgia is really dumb. They always voted Republican. Notice that as in November Republicans keep losing votes.” “Handel distanced herself from Trump, that’s why she got those votes.” “It rained (because of Global Warming) and people couldn’t go out to vote.” “It’s an unimportant election. Who cares?” “That’s exactly what we wanted, to show how close the election was.” “Ossoff is the face of Democrats and this election was just about promoting him. He did a great job!”

  25. She won but 5 points. That’s a significant win, not a barely scraping by. AND no one has even mentioned that she made history as the first Georgia Congresswoman.

  26. “Special” people like dems are very slow to learn. It’s been a real plus for the republic.

  27. Asshat loses! Dummycrats waste another dumpster full of money!! BWAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHHHHH!!!!!!!

  28. She’ll probably give it a few days, but I bet Paideia Pajama Boy’ engagement of convenience is off, too.

  29. Ossoff said after losing…this is the beginning of something greater than any of us. I think he means Donald Trump making America great again!

  30. I’m reading $50 million spent. For a 2-year post that has to be “won” again in 24 months.

    Every out of state Democrat donor Dollar wasted on this is a Dollar no longer available to oppose MAGA.
    Donor burnout is a real thing. As the “inevitable, history is with us” Dems are going to discover soon. Good and hard.

    Winning continues. And congrats to Congr. Handel.

  31. I’m thinking of a parody of the Beatles’ song Can’t Buy Me Love….”Can’t Buy Me Votes”. $30 mil down the drain certainly makes me smile. “I’m A Loser” another Beatle song also fits.
    The democrats just don’t understand their vile rhetoric is poison. I hope they keep it up.

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