Teacher Deletes Account After Vile Tweet Hoping Only “Trumptards” Were Killed in Vegas

Too late bitch. The internet caught you.

Job lost in 3…2…

ht/ annie

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  2. I’ve spent some time this morning trying to find out who this person is. If you read the comment thread of the Boston Bugle, there is some speculation that this is a troll because someone else there did some digging and supposedly found that the last twitter activity was from 2014 and the acct went silent until this.

    If you figure out who Ann is, or where (or if) she works at a school, please post it.

  3. Remember when conservatives were talking about the Orlando mass shooting? It’s OK cause they were just gay.

    Yeah, me neither. Didn’t happen. The right doesn’t think that way.
    The left, however, are consumed by hate.

  4. “Orange Cheeto”? Is there any other kind?

    Come on lady. It’s “Agent Orange” or “Cheeto Jesus”. Get with it.

  5. I just do not understand what goes through someone’s mind in a case like this. Did she actually think, “Hey, this is a great idea! Aren’t I clever?!”

    When I first stopped drinking fourteen years ago, I was always told, “Think the drink through.” People like this need to be told, “Think the tweet through.”

  6. “CBS legal Exec no sympathy for Vegas Because Country Music fan often are Republican”

    About 99.999 percent. “Ours” were killed here, there’s no question what or who the target was.

  7. Coward.

    This is why most of those socialistic totalitarian asswipe protesters wear masks. Same as those rancid pukes from ISIS – they cover their faces because they’re ashamed of themselves, ashamed of their beliefs, and ashamed of their worships.

    Never occurs to them that if they’re ashamed of themselves they may want to change their attitudes. Just like fags – they persist in behavior that brings them shame. And shame’s the least of it. It leads to death – not just mortality, but death of the soul.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. In a perfect world the cops will find out both were lifelong members of the Democrat Party, worked on Hillary’s campaign, met her numerouse times (and have pictures), disliked Obama bacause it wasn’t “their” time yet and had copies of Hillart’s new book with notes in the margin like “They’ll pay for this” and Trump and the russians stole the election, Hillary said so” and “Hillary is telling us to join the resistance so we will in a huge way”.

  9. And ladies and gentlemen welcome to the second American civil war. Another Trump hater who goes nuts and kills people, defenseless people out enjoying a good time. Seems the never Trump Crowd has taken a page from the playbook of their cult friends in ISIS.

    Now you have top ask yourself a number of questions.

    What did this piece of human feces do for a living?

    How did he afford to live in a hotel and spend his time gambling?

    How did he acquire all the guns and ammo? (Or was it provided to him?)

    How did no one notice him lugging in gun cases and tons of ammo into a hotel?

    What was he on the radar for at Las Vegas Metro P.D.?

    What is his internet history? Websites? Comments?

    And if he is just a “regular guy” according to his brother, why was he known to the Las Vegas P.D.? Regular guys don’t get on the radar unless they are doing something.

    We already see that he hated Trump, and the internet psychopath’s are on the rampage hoping all the dead were Trump supporters. Just like the congressional charity baseball game, the shooter knew his target and went after it, and like a true LIBERAL COWARD he kills himself. always seems to be the way when you are a fan of ISIS.

    Democraps will be shitting themselves silly over this, and the media will be in full court press mode blaming the president.

    However the media is complicit this time, their 24/7 schedule of bashing Trump, Questioning his abilities and outright lies contributed to this. They will deny it of course, and so will the twitter morons, the facebook freaks.

    The Nazi movement of the democrat party, ANtifa, will be cheering this action. In fact they are now claiming him as one of their own! Their resistance is another contributing factor, and for the love of God why are they not labeled as a terrorist group and pursued by law enforcement till they are but a memory.

    Why does our own government let operatives of the Obama shadow government operate with impunity? Why do we allow them to have access to sensitive materials?

    This one is gonna leave a stain on America, and all because some guy hates Trump, and was too immature to let it pass. How many conservatives shot up places while Obama sat on his ass for eight years lying to all of us?

    Hitlery Clinton, the crime family patriarch is already spouting shit about the NRA. She just can’t quit even though she LOST the election. And she lost because people saw her as the evil bitch and criminal she really was. The leftists (communists/socialists/Bernie supporters) are angry, and can’t accept the fact that she was defeated. So now they begin a war.

    “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. And we know that conservatives had had enough, enough of being told what you can and can not say, where you can go and cannot go, what you can and cannot do.

    This may be the “Pearl Harbor” started by the liberal elite. And we know it ended very, very badly for Japan.
    They (meaning the communists/socialists and other freak groups) have been pushing and pushing and pushing their agenda. They encourage violence, and apparently have gotten what they wanted.

    Democrats, as I have said before, have become Nazi’s. Plain and simple. If they can’t win honestly (and that won’t happen) they will revert to violence. They are the new fascists, led by George Soros, the famed billionaire and NZAI supporter.

    We are seeing the start of the Nazi movement in America, led by groups that claim they are the opposite of what they really are. Another day, another lie by democrats.

    So a pink Pussy hat wearing freak who hated Trump is the new hero of the left, the reason for the admiration? He is now the largest mass murder in U.S. History.

    Democrats will blame Trump, they will Blame the NRA, they will blame conservatives, they will blame the victim’s, they might even blame country music given how sick and depraved liuberal nazi’s really are.

    No longer are we allowed to live and let live, we now have to watch our backs because a group of Traitors that hate America want to lead us into obscurity because they read some stupid shit by communists like Karl Marx. They swallow the fake news, believe what liberal leaders say without question. They blame the jews, they support terrorists around the world and they are dangerous.

    NEVER every trust a democrat, especially one with a gun, they will smile while they shoot you in the back. They have become, a waste of human flesh.

  10. In case you were wondering if the woman who reported being bothered by someone telling the crowd that they would all be killed last night, I’ve looked at two videos — one of the woman who reported this and one of the murderer’s brother — that were analyzed by a body language expert. Here’s what she has to say about the woman:


    Fascinating. Be sure to listen to the end. And check out what she says about the brother’s body language as he answers questions from the press. She says he’s being deceptive about his brother.

  11. Toby – Glad to hear CBS canned that animal. I hope the stench of her actions follow her around for a good, loooooong time. Anyone thinking of hiring her should know exactly what they are getting into and if they know, they should be put on notice that they are wholly complicit with her outlook, her actions and anything that may result from that!

    AA – thanks for that link. Good stuff!

  12. @AbigailAdams, that was interesting. I hDn‘t seen video of the brother at all until your link. Very bizarre behavior which, apparently, rund in that weirdo family.

  13. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious problem in this country. Those who carry TDS will say or do anything to hurt the President and remove him from office.

  14. @AbigailAdams (at 1:04 pm): From what you say, it sounds like there is a good possibility that this is a fake/hacked Tweet. For all we know this woman could be deceased, and her Twitter account hijacked by trolls. There has been a lot of fake news going on already about this incident:


    I for one am going to reserve judgment on this act until it can be determined who this person is.

  15. TO AA
    SO true about shutting down AntiFa completely.
    It is BULL to classify their “actions” as “domestic terrorism” if the Government isn’t going to DO anything against the group responsible for that terrorism.

    This is NOT a “police/criminal” thing. SCR*W that pre-Trump cr*pola…this is terrorism.

  16. I just heard on Hannity that the crowd sang “God Bless America” just before the shooting. I guess they were that type of “deplorable” crowd CBS lawyers and news readers hate:
    Bible reading, gun toting hayseeds.
    Hayley Geftman-Gold is a vile cunt and her comrade Erin Fagan Silber
    is no better.

  17. I guess you guys believed in Pizzagate too, right? Anyone with even the slightest bit of critical- thinking skills can see this is a hoax. The guy who “responded” to this alleged tweet did so ONE MINUTE after the tweet was created. So why would a 20 year-old lacrosse player from Ohio (@seifertjacob) see a tweet from a grandmother holding a baby IMMEDIATELY after “she” posted it, and then respond instantaneously? Jeezus. How gullible can you guys be? Do I have to spell it out for you? Yes, Jacob Seifert created the tweet and then responded to his own tweet. And do you really think a grandma would have hashtags which included words like “fuck” and “pussy”? And would a grandma even know HOW to delete a Twitter account? Doubtful. But Jacob sure does. And that’s why Jacob changed his Twitter account to private very recently. I understand that people on both sides of the aisle are eager to swallow narratives that confirm their own beliefs (confirmation bias is the term), but the guy who created a lot of the influential fake news during the election said it was FAR easier to troll Republicans. He started out with stories that trolled both Democrats and Republicans, but he got 5 times as many clicks on the stuff he posted on conservative websites. He was doing it to just earn money…he had no political motivation. So he completely abandoned targeting Democrats. Oh yeah, one more red flag. When Hannity indignantly read this story tonight on his show, as soon as I heard the word “Trumptard” I became skeptical. I have never heard or seen any liberal use that term. Whereas, you can’t spend more than 30 seconds in the comment section of most conservative websites without seeing the word “libtard.” Hmmm….although I don’t remember seeing it here. YET. Kudos to VietVet for being the only one here who didn’t fall for this hoax “hook, line, and sinker.” After Johnson and Macfarlane lied through their teeth for years about Vietnam, it’s easy to see why a NamVet might be a bit skeptical. https://www.inquisitr.com/4531304/ann-theresistannce-on-twitter-teacher-allegedly-wrote-pray-only-trumptards-died-real-or-fake-photos/

  18. Whoops…meant to say McNamara, not Macfarlane. I must be watching too much Family Guy! Actually, Family Guy kinda sucks. I’m more of a King of the Hill fan, I tell you H’what.

  19. Oh yeah, one more red flag with this hoax. Naturally, Jacob (the hoaxter) made his victim a teacher, because everyone thinks “liberal” when they hear the word teacher. As soon as I heard Hannity say “teacher” and “Trumptard” I knew it was a hoax. And the sad part is that Hannity probably knew it could be a hoax also, yet still ran with the story. So there are two alternatives here: 1) a guy who gets paid millions of dollars every year, who claims to be a journalist, has zero critical-thinking skills, or 2) Hannity is simply a rabble-rouser who might end up getting liberals killed by one of his impressionable/unstable viewers who shows up to a Marylin Manson show with an AR-15.

  20. @Clifford Dweller: Wow – thanks for the well-reasoned and well-researched comments. Thanks for the compliment, too, although I don’t know if I completely deserve it. The Vietnam War only taught me to distrust politicians in general, but I was pretty naïve about the Internet for a long time, until I got burned too many times by stuff like this. That’s when I started going to Snopes, which many of the people here despise as Liberal propaganda, but it saved my ass from embarrassment on many occasions. I think the reason a lot of people hate it is because it debunks a ton of crap they’d prefer to believe is true (like this Tweet), but that’s just my personal opinion.

    Anyway, we Conservatives (I don’t know if you are one, you didn’t say) need to apply a healthy dose of skepticism to any unfounded news reports or Internet rumors we see until the facts are all in, otherwise we run the risk of appearing gullible and foolish.

    Incidentally, my apologies to anyone here that actually IS gullible and foolish, because I try not to make fun of people’s disabilities.

    (That was a joke, ICYDK.)

    I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s hard to go wrong if you apply the scientific method: Treat every “fact” as if it is only a theory, until it is proven. And even then be prepared to revise or reject what you “know”, based on further discoveries.

    Thanks again for the insights. I suspect they are spot-on.

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