The Game is Fixed


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  1. and then after he is elected, Trump stand before the American people, and removes his face mask to reveal his true identify and standing before us is?

    An IOTW contest?

  2. Witness the fullblown self-destruction of the party of Stupid….wailing and gnashing their teeth all the way down. Idiots.

  3. “Just because the game is fixed is no reason not to play …”


    Of course it’s fixed: If you were the Hidden Emperor, or the Dark Lord of Socialism, or His Satanic Majesty Allah, you’d have a stake on EVERY HORSE in EVERY RACE, too!

    Be pretty fuckin dumb, not to.

  4. I understand the Generals’ players make a pretty good living doing what they do. Which explains a lot.

  5. This is like the Three Stooges episode where the American people have hired the GOP to remodel the house
    Poor Lazlo plays the hapless Butler. I have only one line:
    “This house has sho’ gone crazy”

  6. @Lazlo ~ wasn’t that the cook? …. jus’ sayin’

    (what can I say? I’m a Stooges freak)

  7. Molon, I bow to your superior Stooges Knowledge.
    I was incorrect.
    I was shooting from the Hip.
    All I could hear in my head was Moe saying (something like) “Don’t worry Lady, you won’t recognize the place” and I immediately thought of the RNC
    I’m a Gilligan man myself

  8. Nightly News is FEATURING Romney assassinating Trump.
    And Romney portrays himself as a Christian?

    Mittens had NOTHING like this to say about obama. How brown are you lips, mitt boy ?

  9. Romney, “Hey, guys!!! We’re supposed to lose. That’s what Candy Crowley told me. Play nice and lose and we won’t be audited.”

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