The NY Times Hires a “Gender Editor”


Jessica Bennett, a former editor for Newsweek and author of Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace — an “illustrated battle manual for fighting sexism at work” — was motivated to apply for the post due to the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

According to an article written by Teen Vogue contributor Brittney McNamara, Bennett will be “leading the charge in a new initiative to see the news through this lens” and “connect the dots on gender coverage in an important way.”

Those quotes came from Jodi Rudoren, editorial director of NYT Global, who also stated:

One of the things I grappled with for a long time as I tried to figure out who should be our gender editor and what our gender initiative should look like is, really, what is gender and what are gender issues?

I felt like we had all this great coverage around the newsroom and around the world that I would categorize as gender, and I knew we weren’t doing what we should be doing or could be doing to link up these different stories and different projects.

18 Comments on The NY Times Hires a “Gender Editor”

  1. That’s a man right?
    I wonder how many genders he/she thinks there are?
    Who put liberals in charge of gender?
    I don’t remember voting on that or anything else they have taken over.

  2. If women are equal to men why is it nessesary to have a woman editor dictate and interpret how news should be presented to and for women? News is news-when it’s not fake news. I don’t need a woman to explain it to me from a female perspective. That’s just stupid.

  3. Jessica needs to lead a team of 62 other people. How else would all 63 genders be appropriately represented?

  4. By definition, an “editor” changes things.

    So does a “gender editor” change genders?

    Stay tuned, folks. This could get interesting.


  5. If you have a penis you use the Mens room. If you don’t, you use the Ladies room. I don’t care what you THINK you are, those are the cold, hard facts.
    Biology has a very short menu.

  6. A female who identifies as female should have no say.

    A male who identifies as a woman should replace xir.

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