2 Men, A Weasel and a Crazy Lady Discuss the Border Wall

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  1. How on earth did President Trump manage to not walk over there and punch Schumer in the face? Gawd what a shit weasel.

    I did like how about 1/2 way through, Don just started to ignore crazy Nancy.

  2. Well played POTUS! These assh*les didn’t have a clue that the cams were going to be turned on them. MSM will spin it however they like, but it is what it is. The citizens have every right to know exactly how the dims play. They don’t want border security and that is a fact.

  3. It’s as if Moe had b!tchslapped Larry with his right hand
    at the same time
    as he b!tchslapped Curly with his left hand!

  4. Check out Schumer’s Twitter. He’s going ape shit Tweeting in SPANISH. WTF? I think he has no idea who he represents anymore.

  5. It is obvious to anyone with a potato IQ that neither of these shitweasles want border security.
    They love the open border, seeing it as a pathway to permanent power.
    Pelosi has the nerve to talk about the oath she took. She should be blindfolded and given a cigarette.

  6. The video cut off just before Trump said “now, both off you twatwaffles get the f-ck outta my office. Get out, right Mike?!”

    True story.

  7. Nancy’s transparency defense was we’re making sausage and it should be in the dark.

    Her body language showed her sucking her cheeks as if she was mouthing a lemon slice.

  8. You can also call the White House comment line between 9:00am & 4:00pm and leave your congratulations to President Trump for making Border Security and The Wall a priority. The number is 202-456-1111

  9. Weasels is exactly right. You know they plotted an ambush in front of the press. Problem is…. “Honey Badger don’t give a sh*t. He’ll say whatever he wants wherever he wants.”

    Is it my bias or did they both come off as real whiny losers?

  10. Fur, I caught the oath thing, too. My, my, my. Speak on sweet lips that never tell a lie.

    Lake O’ Fire, Nancy. Oh, you too, Charles.

  11. Check out Schumer’s Twitter. He’s going ape shit Tweeting in SPANISH. WTF? I think he has no idea who he represents anymore.

    Hey, if Occasional Cortex can be Jewish…

  12. I elected Trump to kick the stuffing out of knuckle dragging idiots like those two. Well done, sir.
    You bitch slapped them seven ways to Sunday. The best Christmas display of the season so far.
    It’s enough to lift the holiday funk I was feeling.

  13. Keep in mind the sad truth is that a majority of American voters actually put the democrat communists back into power of the House of Representatives. Mind Boggling and deeply discouraging for the future of America.

    By the way go online and check out Nancy Pelosi’s multiple mansions. She is staggeringly wealthy curtsey of you and me.

    She and Schumer should be hung as traitors on gibbets erected on the Capital Building steps as a warning to all democrat party communists.

  14. Nancy came out and told the press they wanted the meeting in private because they didn’t want to embarrass the president by correcting him in public (he being an idiot of course…google agrees). She also said he wants the wall because its a manhood thing…SNL working on a small dick skit right now. Gotta admit it; the bitch is good even with her dementia kicking in.

  15. You can bet Senior Schumer is watching PDT’s poll numbers after this brilliant move. I read Trumps polling at 49% again. If he jumps to the mid 50’s Schumer will fold like wet cardboard.

  16. @Junious: Harsh, I know, but hanged on gibbets without the benefit of a good drop. Done the way their heroes, the Germans and the Russians, did to civilians just a few decades ago. Perhaps they’d be proud…

  17. If it is shut down, I guarantee that we won’t have extra people hired to place barricades at the WWII memorial to keep 90+ year old heroes in wheelchairs from their memorial like BHO did.


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