Anti-PC Professor sues NYU for defamation


Professor Michael Rectenwald has filed a defamation lawsuit against New York University and four of its professors after he went public with his creation of a Twitter account that is openly opposed to PC culture on the NYU campus. The lawsuit alleges that his colleagues at the school have made statements in an attempt to ruin his professional reputation.  More

6 Comments on Anti-PC Professor sues NYU for defamation

  1. What the hell, worth a shot. Good to see there’s a few decent profs out there who won’t knuckle under to this kind of BS.

  2. Not worth the fight. You can do a lot more damage anonymously behind enemy lines as a mole than you can to expose yourself to their hatred.


  3. When he gets more applications for his class than he has room, then he has a point. Until then, he’s pissin’ in the wind.
    Until then, keep it up, buddy. They need to hear it more.

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