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Willing Accomplices

Journalists Described Hillary Clinton’s Speech as ‘Muscular’—Because Her Team Blackmailed Them  “Journalist” Marc Ambinder admits that in 2009 he complied with a number of preconditions in order to get hold of [Read More]

Was State Dept Enabling Hillary?

In reviewing the released e-mails from the State Department regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Judicial Watch came across some interesting exchanges. It seems some of Hillary’s lackeys (Mills and [Read More]

Bernie and the Vets

Last week the whistle blower for the Tomah Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Ryan Honl, took aim at Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as the chair for the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and blasted him [Read More]


Is there another nation with a national anthem that invites a skilled singer to take a short song and give a performance for ages?   click read more to see

Steinem’s Ugly Sexism

According to iconic “feminist” Gloria Steinem, the only reason young women back Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is because “The boys are with Bernie.” Gloria, you need to replace “had” with [Read More]

Resting B!tch Face

Researchers have demonstrated that some people have a facial expression conveying annoyance when in fact they aren’t really expressing anything at all. Some people suffer this affliction, others inflict the [Read More]

On Thin Ice

The organizers of Lake Geneva’s Winterfest must have been trying to answer the aged old question of how many cars can you get on the ice before it breaks? Answer?

How Leaders Behave

That introduction for the Republican debate last night was a real mess. Ben Carson didn’t hear his name announced and they didn’t even call John Kasich. But Donald Trump’s simple act [Read More]

Safe Bet?

It seems pretty obvious to me why women have gay friends (similar interests, like talking about feelings),  but some social psychology researcher is making a living proposing

God Bless Pittsburg, Kansas

Soon after 9/11 a banner was hung on the side of the Pittsburg, Kansas Post Office saying “God Bless America.” Recently the Freedom From Religion Foundation


The Chris Christie campaign has come up with one of the more memorable ads so far this season.    More  In all fairness, Bernie Sanders has been in Washington for 25 years, what [Read More]

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