Bud Light Pulls Plug on Amy Schumer-Seth Rogen Ad Campaign As Sales Drop

Breitbart: Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of beer brand Bud Light, has pulled the company’s Amy Schumer-Seth Rogen-starring “Bud Light Party” television advertisements weeks ahead of schedule as sales of the beer declined in the third quarter.

Adweek reports that AB InBev pulled the ads “a little earlier than expected,” though a spokesman for the brewer said the ad campaign was always scheduled to end in the fall. The campaign, which launched just before the Super Bowl earlier this year, features the Canadian actor and Inside Amy Schumer comedian urging Americans to join a mock “Bud Light” political party, in a play on this year’s presidential race.  more

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  1. Good heavens, it is apparent that the Anheuser-Busch idiots had no clue that having to watch ugly Amy could cause a guy to give up drinking entirely!

  2. Yep, that would be my multi-Million dollar advertising strategy, attach my brand to a tasteless vulgar whore.

    And it didn’t work? Imagine that !

  3. Selling sewer lids is hard and takes some creativity….You have to really suck to not be able to sell beer….

  4. Movie theaters are empty, football ratings are down, the three networks are bleeding ratings and these geniuses can’t figure it out.
    This rubbing America’s face in the liberal lifestyle is failing miserably. It’s not just about an election. We want ALL of America back.

  5. I would wager August Busch III is about to go into full postal. That son of his August Busch IV has destroyed the House of Busch. Calling a consortium of bankers to Mexico City, trying to put together backing to avoid a hostile takeover, signalling the InBev group they were ready to fold, then selling out to the Belgians InBev, no longer in charge of the brand, its got to rankle on the old man. Wonder if any arabs sit on the Board of InBev yet? Another end to a good American brand, now owned by outsiders. Grown children educated and thinking they know more than anyone kill off more than they grow.

  6. How about this for a new ad campaign :

    “Bud Light, the Pajama Boy of beers.”

    These two lefties make an irritating pair. I hope their Fail on this Bud campaign lowers their demand and price from other advertisers.
    Nice that they failed even with Millenials.

  7. Who in their right mind would think they could sell their product by promoting the mentally ill who don’t know what sex they are, and the whiners who moan about inequality created by imagined discrimination when the only thing that might be holding them back it their own loser mentality, and negative attitude about the country where they live.

    Not entertaining at all. But it did require a response to send a message to InBev the Belgian-Brazilian owners of Budweiser that we don’t like your attitude.

  8. She has put on a few pounds!
    I here AB uses artificial hopps
    flavoring now.I drink alot of local
    craft beer & IPA’s these days.You guys
    & gals ought to try some in your area.

  9. Yuengling has been my beer of choice for about 10 years now. After that, Budweiser is just gross. In fact, after Yuengling endorsed Trump last week, I bought a case at the grocery store on Saturday.

    My usual checkout lady must wonder about me now that I’m buying The National Enquirer and cases of beer. 🙂

  10. Amazing how you can exert some influence over something by refusing to part with your money to buy that something. NFL, AB, and Target are just the start.

  11. People who look like they should be drinking light beer are not the same people who should be selling lite beer. Yes, I went there.

  12. I’ve had it with Liberal views being forced in my face; that and one eyed, buck tooth lepers sold as appealing.

    No thank you on the Amy Schumer movies or her beer suggestions.

    BTW: ‘Yeungling’ here too Gladys. One day by accident I bought ‘Yeungling Light’ and it’s a pretty close match to the regular version.

  13. @Gladys, same for our household before and after the liberal boycott against Mr. Yuengling for his announced support of Trump! My husband had to wait for Publix to restock this past weekend, he was told it was the third restock that day 🙂 and we’re in a small town in SE Alabama!

  14. Whew – that was scary! Just for a second I read the headline for this post as, “Bud Light Pulls Butt Plug from Amy Schumer”.

    I can’t even imagine the consequences of doing such a thing.

  15. I know the slogan goes: Beer, Helping Ugly People Get Laid Since 1862. But did Anheuser-Busch have to hire two of them as an object lesson?

  16. I think you have to drink lots of Bud before you can even look at Amy Schumer…
    Why would anyone want to be that drunk.

  17. I almost started drinking so that I could stop drinking Budweiser beer.
    Those ads galled the heck out of me. Maybe they both can go cry in their beer with “Take a knee

  18. Who would have thought that having a vile, obese, humorless, witch talk shit to your core market would hurt sales?

    Apparently they need to fire the SJW faggots in their marketing department, before they completely destroy the company?

  19. It’s funny what happens to some of the showbiz folk when they get some success. Schumer used to be a regular on “Red Eye” a few years back and was pretty funny. Not at all political (either way) and had a pretty good wit. She really got her start on a conservative leaning show but sure changed with success.

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