1. Proof the Dems are bankrupt. Reaching back 50 years for a reminder of their last hero. JFK would be on the Trump train today.

  2. Before last night the, democrats hoped that droolin’ Joe would be the future of the democratic party.

    After last night, the republicans hope that droolin’ Joe is the future of the democratic party.

  3. I remain convinced that the Kennedy family are a massive scientific experiment to determine the shanty Irish gene’s expression over successive generations.

  4. Charisma? Uhm no.

    Gravitas? Uhm no.

    Weird child molester mouth? Yes.

    Genetics – genes do “water” down is successive generations.

    Immediately focused on what was going on in his lips/mouth.

  5. When he busted out the Espanol to that room of lily white Massholes, I fell out laughing.

    I hope that Mustang was being fitted with a floatation device. The last thing a Kennedy needs to be associated with is a car.

  6. Looked like the poster boy from a public service ad warning the citizenry of the consequences of inbreeding.

  7. I watched the SOTU, then immediately turned the TV off. Don’t know what the DildoCrats rebuttal was, and didn’t care.

  8. I has to turn him off. I don’t have cable, so I couldn’t watch the BET and Maxine Waters. I need some comedy today. Any chance of getting a video of Maxine the Ignorant posted?

  9. Dan Ryan Galt, The quote from the Wet Dreams song actually goes something like this:

    Auto Mechanic: “Looks like you blew a seal.”
    Marlin: “Fix the Damn car and leave my private life out of it, OK pal!”

    I slay me

    MSG Grumpy

  10. “Hey Joe, where ya goin with that gun in yer hand?”

    “I’m goin down to shoot ma ho, she gotz pregnant …”

    “Hey Joe, ain’tcha sposeda use a golf club fo dat? Y’know, plausible deniability.”

    “I’m a Kennedy, not a fukkin Skakel, muthuhfuckuh … I don’t need no plausible deniability …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Well, he’s finished. “Drooler” is tough to live down. Fastest self-elimination ever.

    Before he spoke 99% of the USA had never seen him. Now, 99% don’t want to see him ever again.

    Last nights big losers include Fauxcahantas. Now not only has she now no chance in 2020 against Standing Ovation Trunp, but DroolBoy will be demanding her Senate seat.

  12. It isn’t drool, it’s just shiny something, lip gloss maybe. On both sides.
    I just watched the video, you should too just in fairness to the Left’s watching Trump (they did, right???) But it is nothing but rhetoric, no numbers or anything that can be substantiated, just the same old tropes. He did mention God a couple of times which I appreciate, you don’t always get that from the Dems. And throughout the entire 13 minutes is this faux near-tears emotional level.
    So pretty much what I expected.

  13. @Cliche: Yeah, He did good job speaking Spanish, especially since the big language in Fall River after English is Portuguese…

  14. NEVER, EVER TRUST a Kennedy!

    They are ALL Elitist Red Diaper Doper Babies who manipulate the uber stupid for votes in order to make themselves wealthy.

  15. Let’s see….

    A Kennedy,
    associating himself with a BLACK car….
    with the hood up……
    and a strange spittlequiddick-type of substance around his mouth…
    whilst pandering to dumb, self-loathing white liberals……
    many of whom were male…..
    and speaking a FOREIGN language…..

    This all indicates to me that the democratic party is in the infancy of its death rattle. Blacks & Hispanics are figuring it out, finally. Soon, liberals are going to figure it out. Then finally, the millennials will begin to feel that something is going wrong (didn’t say they’d figure it out).

    What they will figure out is that you are judged by the company you associate keep.

    Civil wars begin with politics, and END with bullets. -Daniel Greenfield.

  16. An impassioned train wreck of a rebuttal that could never get past the residue on his DSL. (Urban Dict version).

    Other than his blatantly obvious make-up fail, how could the Dums be so tone deaf to their base to choose the poster child for the most white-privileged family in America to lecture us on the plight of the poor? Keep it up DNC – you’re our ace in the hole for 2020.

  17. It. Was. Difficult. To. Watch. Joe. Kennedy. Speak. And I was wondering if he watched Trump’s address, or if his rebuttal was to the SOTU speech that happened only in his mind.

  18. It was painful listening to the guy. I managed to tough it out for a few minutes – trying to figure out wth he was talking about. Nothing I’ve seen in America.

    After he broke out in Spanish I couldn’t take it any longer. Why torture myself any longer? And switched to dgifferent channel.

  19. Where’s that criminal with the Yuge forehead and red hair ya used to put out once in a while?
    Joe looks like his retarded twin.

    izlamo delenda est …

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