Empty Shelves? – Understanding Supply Chains, Logistics, and Recovery Efforts

CTH: By now everyone is familiar with the abundant pictures on social media of empty shelves in local stores.  Having some familiarity with the supply chain might help people to understand some of the challenges; and possibly help locate product.

There are essentially two types of distribution centers within the retail supply chain for most chain markets, food stores and supermarkets.  The first type is a third party, or brokered, distribution network.  The second type is a proprietary, company owned, distribution center.  Knowing the type of distribution helps to understand what you can expect.

If your local retail store is being replenished from a third party distribution center, you can expect greater shortages and longer replenishment times; we will see entire days of empty shelves in these stores.  However, if your local retail store owns their own warehouse and distribution network, the replenishment will be faster.  In times of rapid sales, there is a stark difference.

These are general guidelines: An average non-perishable distribution center will replenish approximately 60 stores.   Those 60 stores will generally not extend beyond 100 miles from the distribution center.  The typical company owned warehouse will have approximately 20 tractors (the semis) delivering trailers of goods to those sixty stores. more here

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  1. “Understanding Capitalism,Supply Chains, Logistics, and Recovery Efforts”

    I too have a lot of experience at Supply Chain. Mainly with Capital Equipment Manufacturers. If there’s decent money to be made somebody will fill that need.just as fast as they can. I

  2. oh no’s … Amazon is out of that cheap, Chinese crap I have grow so fond of ordering!

    GOOD!!! … wake up people … realize the Reckoning that is at our doorsteps … ask yourselves, do you actually want to depend on a foreign country that does not have our interest at heart to produce any of anyone’s life-saving medicine? or even maintenance drugs that will keep us alive for years beyond our freshness-date?

    why would you want to put some foreign entity in charge of that?
    on second thought, why would you want to put some government bureaucrat in charge of that? …. hmmmmmm?

  3. I’m betting that the ‘panic people’ will get their collective heads out of their collective asses soon after next weekend … they’ll realize that they are still alive, practically everyone they know are still alive &, as the season progressives to a warmer climate, there are fewer & fewer cases of C-19 … whoddathunkit?

    then we’ll all come out into the sunshine (much like Y2K) & nervously laugh that we all knew all along that this was a bunch of bullshit

    … until next time they dupe us …. “…laughing all the way!”

  4. I understand the Supply Chains, Logistics, and the Recovery Efforts thingy.
    It’s the Media that makes Democrats shit themselves so bad that each one needs 1/2 a tractor trailer of toilet paper to feel safe I don’t get,,,

  5. @Burr ~ got a 600′ gravel driveway that need to be repaved w/ asphalt. 12′ wide w/ 2 turn-arounds at the top & a 20’x 12′ at the side of the garage

    … waddya say buddy? … got a 12-roll pack of Charmin w/ your name on it! … all yours! … c’mon down!

  6. One benefit to spending your entire life in the sticks and growing up poor is you don’t run out of food and you even know how to improvise, hell country girls have been squatting and drip drying their entire lives, not to mention I spent a lot of time at my grandparents in the summer months and remember when my parents, aunts and uncles forced them to put running water in their house. That was something my Grandpa hated and up until the day he died he still had an outhouse, so trust me I know there are many things you can wipe your butt with.
    Anyway, a plain ol’ potato can make a lot of different dishes that are filling and feed a lot of people. Turn a big ol’ pot of beans into several different meals over several days. I always have several months worth of meat in the freezer and generators to keep those freezers running in case of no electric. A very large supply of gasoline and if all that fails, can dry the meat and you can even can the meat. If all that runs out, have cows and chickens and after that know how to kill and dress squirrels and deer.

    However, I’m not holding my breath waiting for this latest panic to ever come to that. People in this country are quick to run off with their hair on fire and just as quick to lose their attention and turn to something else.

  7. I traded five 96-roll packs of CHARMIN Extra Soft for a 2011 Honda Ridgeline with 80,000+ miles on it.

    Tomorrow I’ll probably have buyer’s remorse after eating some raw sushi at my Asian sister-in-law’s tonight.

  8. @Blue Toof ~ they make Charmin in 96-roll packs?
    Good Lord! that’s like a 100-shot clip … or something …

  9. I was gonna chime in with a joke about TP or whatever, but thought twice, because it would be making light of real tragedy that has actually happened like places in Russia.

    Don’t tempt fate by mocking it.

    Just remember that if Hillary had won we would in gulags by now…and no TP available in gulag. The attempted coup by the globalist / communists shows how close they are to delivering the mortal blow to the USA and freedom.

    Don’t rest on your laurels expecting Trump will win but go out and vote Trump MAGA like your life depends on because it really does and that’s no joke.

  10. @Burr ~ I think we can make asphalt out of those guys … waddaya think?

    … offer still stands ……….. ummmmmm …. Charmin …

  11. Are you in Arizona? Cuz….. they ain’t ish’ south of me until you get to Bisbee….

    I wonder if my timeshare in Mesiko still has TP…….

  12. @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Yeah, 48 Double Rolls per carton is equal to 96 Regular Rolls. Five cartons. It was a hard bargain. I had to throw in a couple of Purell pump jars to sweeten the deal.

  13. Just imagine if that moron obama was president right now:

    “How about considering Barack Obama’s response to the 2009 swine flu outbreak? Journalist James Lileks has done so on his blog The Bleat. Obama declared the outbreak a national emergency only after four months, when the toll in the U.S. had reached 1000 dead (as of this writing, 32 have died in the U.S. of the coronavirus, the vast majority over 70 years old). More importantly, the media coverage of the swine flu––even though it was more deadly and half its victims, unlike the coronavirus, were healthy and young––was nowhere near the breathless hysteria or extent of the coverage today.

    We know the explanation for the disparity. Barack Obama enjoyed eight years of the media’s “slobbering love affair,” as Bernie Goldberg called it, filled with uncritical, laudatory, and selective coverage from the mainstream media, whereas Trump has been incessantly attacked with slanted or outright mendacious stories based on tendentious analysis and anonymous leaks. Examples abound. Barack Obama is caught on a hot mic promising Putin’s flunkey “flexibility” on missile-defense after his reelection, and the media yawn. Trump urges the president of Ukraine to investigate his country’s meddling in the 2016 election and, its notorious corruption that involves a U.S. Vice President’s son, and he’s impeached on the made-up charge of “abusing his authority.” This is just one example from a lengthy catalogue of journalistic morale idiocy and professional malfeasance.”


  14. “I think we can make asphalt out of those guys”
    If this shit keeps up, if not asphalt, certainly really long skid marks!
    @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ @Blue Toof

  15. When this settles down, this might be an ecomonic boom, becuase everyone’s blown their wads in the supermarkets. All that produce they bought is going to rot. People who stocked up like there was nuclear war are not going to depelete their hoards, do they’ll go out an shop again on a daily/weekly basis.

  16. After this MSM generated panic is over.

    About mid April into early May – instead of seeing cars parked roadside with a sign saying, “Ramps for Sale”. This year I expect the signs to say, “Ramps & TP for Sale”.

  17. @ Old Racist White Woman – for many years I worked with a guy who frequently liked to say – “I still remember the good old days when people cooked inside the house and ah, pooped, outside. Now they want to poop inside the house and cook outside”.

  18. @ Blink, my Grandfather always said it was a waste of water and space to have a bathroom.
    As a kid it was kind of an adventure to use an outhouse, but I will admit I’m grateful for indoor plumbing.

  19. @ Old Racist White Woman:

    In the middle of winter, a trip to the outhouse wasn’t nearly as much of an adventure.

  20. There is a silver lining developing here. Thanks to Trump hammering China for the past 3 years and then China creates this minimal life threatening virus, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars are going to come back to America from all the American businesses that are bailing out of China. Raising awareness of our dangerous dependence on China for many products and most importantly, our life saving drugs is also an unintended win win.Indeed, a crisis that won’t go to waste. The global left is the gift that keeps on giving.


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